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My non-profit was formed to support both art and music as well as the Parkinson's Foundation and Research.  My sister, who recently passed away from Parkinson's Disease was a wonderful artist who loved music as I do.  I am melding the two ideas together to use her story to raise money for Parkinson's research to find a cure for this awful disease. 

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  • i combine and crate new logo of universal logo of parkinson with a musical scale at here.. and create new unique logo..
    hope you like this sir .
    please take your time , and give a rate and feedback.
    thanks sir :)
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    What a wonderful way to honor your sister. I have tried to meld both of her loves with the musical note/artist brushstroke. I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #7
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  • The intent of my non profit is not just to fund Parkinson's research but also to fund the arts - fine art and music to be specific.