We like the art. It´s clean as we asked and we´d like to thank you for it.


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Winning design #1030 by superbeam, Logo Design for NETResiduos Contest
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designed by superbeam

Project description

I´ve added 1 more week because  I didnt received any "WOW Logo" yet.
If you´re reading this, please, watch out my comments on other user logos. 
Avoid circles, very thin font faces or make the "E" in three lines, avoid it please. 
Focus on a clean and elegant design. I want a text based logo, try the text "NETResiduos" horizontally. Try  something to our short version name "NETR" too.
Clean doesnt mean poor. 
It´s allowed a small graphic in this text based logo, but keep it beautiful.
Try make a modern/elegant design with the letters. 
Watch out the best rated logos until now.
I´m looking forward to see some "WOW Logos". That logo that will make me feel good and say "That´s the one!". 
Thanks folks.


NETResiduos is a online software that helps waste generators to handle the data about their waste. 

To better understanding, below you can see the flow of the waste, since its generations, transportation and disposal:

Waste generators could be factories, construction companies or even hospitals.

The waste needs to be collected from generators by waste transporters using trucks with dumpster over it.

The waste generated need to be disposal into waste sites or recycling sites.

We need a redesign of our brand NETResiduos because the current logo is very poor and doesnt represent the tecnology, the network/flow created to support waste generators.

We opt to pursuit a text based logo mainly, but you can try fit elements like the "waste flow" or a "wate network" or other simple element that gives the idea that users will improve their capability to handle all their waste data.

It should be possible to make it shorter version like "NETR" so we can use it in other products, like "NETR Generators" or "NETR Transporters" or "NETR Industry"

If you need inspiration about items related to waste, you can search for "constrution waste", "Industrial Waste Dumpster Truck", "waste sites".

You can visit our website: and know more about it.

It's in portuguese(Brazil) so you can translate it to your language using google translator.

I've attached our current logos so you can see what we dont like.

So, thats it.
Hope you all understand what we do and see you soon.

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