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Winning design #10 by tofikconcept, Logo Design for NETservis Contest
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designed by tofikconcept

Project description

Create new logo for aerospace company with factories all around the world. The name of company and also text in logo is SEKO Aerospace. Website: Text: "SEKO Aerospace" (The rows will be under each other.) Composition: Widescreen Theme: Aerospace industry (For example the wing, turbine vane, airplane motor ...) In attachment is simple concept and description! Thanks for your design.

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  • Good idea. Could you try a edit logo and make the same idea just little bit less explicit? Thanks!
  • Question about symbol - what is the meaning and connection with aerospace industry?
  • It's nice logo. Can I ask a question about design? - Is in the symbol some thought about aerospace industry or it is just "S". Thanks.
  • Hi, please find attached a few sample drafts of your new logo - I have incorporated a stylised Turbine section along with a professional style of font; I have utilised the colours you specified in the brief, there are dark and light options for you to view. Thanks for your time and I look forward to your feedback. Pete
    • No worries, was not sure how hi-tech you wanted them based on your brief - if you could just delete them I will submit alternate designs, cheers.

  • Sorry, it's not nice. Too much simple. Without graphic feeling. But thanks for your work!
  • Sorry, it's not nice. Too much simple. Without graphic feeling. Gray background is not suitable.
  • Sorry, it's not nice. Too much simple. Without graphic feeling.
  • The name is with "K": SEKO. And in specification is widescreen.
  • GoodDay provaznik About Draft no. #7 its a 2 Plane going to south and east. and at the same time its Symbolize letter S. for SEKO the name of your company. this is the new version that i made. to elaborate Draft no. 7 Draft no. #21 <-new entry Again thankyou for your great feedback -menggo
    • Thanks for comment menggo. It's similar like at post before. Maybe I'm stupid :) but I can't imagine the planes in this symbol.

  • GoodDay provaznik About Draft no. #9 its a strong abstract symbol and initial of SA. its look like 2 Plane going to right and left. at the same time its symbolize SA initial like my new draft #20 Thankyou for your feedback -menggo
    • Thanks for respond. Sorry, but I don't understand symbolizing 2 planes in draft #9 and #20 ... I can see "S" in the symbol but no planes. Thanks for explanation.

  • It's SEKO with "K"
  • The graphic is nice (on the first look). But the symbol is little bit strange. Could you please explain the meaning of the symbol or edit it? Thanks!