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Winning design #207 by Hnogueira, Logo Design for Network Engineering and Integration Company Needs Modern Professional Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hnogueira

Project description

Looking for a clean professional logo suitable for printing and web imagery. No desire for "bugs" or "cables" but focusing on a design that illustrates connections or interconnecting items. Colors to be bold and powerful, not pastel or faint colors. If possible, would like to have a logo that will work on both black and white backgrounds (may not be achievable). Would like an "icon" of some type that could identify the company without the words.

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  • this is revised logo.. you can see more red colour, & all corrections as you have asked... & sir why u have deleted me former designs....
  • Dear CH. Uploaded a new style #50 tell me what you think
  • I posted a comment in this contest as to what to include and not include in your design only no color or size variations
  • Contest Holder, Thanks for the feedback on #39, I have just submitted another sample, #43, with a different colour scheme that I think you may like. Thanks.
  • Another one, hope u like it.. I can play with colours if you wish.
  • Nice font, don't get the image connection
  • Nice expansion. Please repost your original work as the admins took them down.
  • Designers----> please all entries are to have one design only, no font,size or color variations. The contest holder has requested in the brief to to see a version on black background. We will allow all entries in this contest to show the design on a "plain white background and a black background" The white background should be plain white only no gradient. I will be removing all entries not following this. If you have an entry that has been rated by the contest holder.......please resubmit that entry and I will mark the rating to what the contest holder has already rated.
  • No bugs please
  • Like the concept. Not crazy about the colors. Anything to add depth?
  • Let's see the bird in similar size to your first submission. Stretch integration to fill in below firefly. Can you bring in a bit more red into the fade?
  • Let me think it over
  • made some minor changes. tell me what you think :) #28
  • Sorry, I didn't know you didn't want bugs. Here is a revision.
  • can you rotate the image 90 degrees counter clockwise?
  • thanks alot ... now would your like any changes..?
  • Nice revision.
  • like to see integration spread out the full length of firefly and run additional colors to see the variation
  • this is one more revision
  • Firefly or FIREFLY please.