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Winning design #71 by JesucristoK, Logo Design for Neuromarketing turístico Contest
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designed by JesucristoK

Project description

The first consulting firm in Latinamerica speciailized in desining products for travel & tourism (expeditions, hotels, cultural sites, restaurants...) applying marketing and based on neuroscientific research. Designing travel products based on emotional experiences (colors, flavours, textures, sounds, scents) using the brain science. NEURO marketing + turístico is a new brand part of ADHOC marketing + turístico, actually specilized in marketing consulting for travel & tourism but never used neuroscience before. The typoghrafie for NEURO will still be te same as in ADHOC, also in black. “marketing + turístico” will also be the same, in blue. (Gill Sans MT) TARGET: Businessmen in Latinamerica who own travel & tourism companies. Goverment ministers in charge of travel & tourism programs in their cities, states or countries, in Latinamerica. USP: Innovating techniques for designing emotional experiences for travel & tourism. TIPS: Colors and textures representing Latinamerican culture and/or emotions related with 5 senses. The pictorial mark must containg the color blue used on the upper chair in the ADHOC logo.

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  • SGh
    Hi,CH.Is any pictorial mark okay with the title?...or should it just be like the ones already been submitted?...Thanks.
    • Hi! Any creative option for the pictorial mark is valid according to the brief. Colors, textures, emotions... Could be integrated with te text as the one you did or independant.

    • SGh


      benjamin1 {*wrote*}:
      Hi! Any creative option for the pictorial mark is valid according to the brief. Colors, textures, emotions... Could be integrated with te text as the one you did or independant.
      |--| Thanks for the quick reply.Let's see if I can create something... :-)

    • SGh

      Hi,CH.Just submitted entry #7.I've tried to mix the latin american culture(that's why the colorful masks are there)with ecology(the masks are shown as the components of a tree).Hope this pictorial mark describes the concept of cultural/eco tourism.Any feedback regarding this design will be very helpful.Thanks.

    • SGh, I hope you won't steel from fellow designers anymore. It's not just a copy of my work but you only cut off the parts you don't need and use it as your work. It's not professional to do.And you thought no one will notice? Wish you all the best, and take this as a friendly advice if you want to continue to do this job.

  • Hello Benjamin I submitted my first design #4. I Gave you a texture/ wave pattern that flows with the sail boat that's inside the "N". With this Logo the "N" can stand alone as a logo or the whole word can work. I also like the more simpler white/ black one color prints with different color backgrounds I provided. I look forward to your feedback Benjamin. Thanks.
    • Hi! Thanks a lot! I like the idea that the N can stand alone or any other letter as the "H" in my actual logo of ADHOC. or the "O" as the sample logo I uploaded in the brief. That Single letter-mark could have textures and colors and I am more to the idea of more "cultural" or "nature" colors because the tourism trends head more to cultural / eco tourism than the tradicional sea & sun.

    • Thanks for the helpful and quick feedback. Do you think I can get a score to see how far I am from where I need to get you? Thanks.

  • Hey Benjamin, just submitted a new design. I went a green color route for nature. The red seems to make more since though since it gels with the brain. I like both color options, but I'm anxious to know what you think about #5. Thanks.
  • You have took existing design element from another designer and presented it as your own
  • Hi! Thank you very much for all your entries. As you may see, I´m heading more to those who respect the typography es described on the Brief. Also the simplicity in the design mark using the lighter blue color in ADHOC logo. I like those simple design marks and the adding of an additional color, related to emotios-tourism is also appreciated. Thank you once more.
  • any feedback on my entries that you rated in term of any other changes thank regard sajid
  • Hello CH, please check entrie #20 . Let me know what you think, Regards
  • Can you work the greens in blue as the others?
    • About #94 and #97 Hi Sir Benjamin, Here is my revision on design #63. Please also check #97 using font Gill San MT Thanks Charmie

  • Hi! Ply try using Gill San MT for Neuro and markeitng + turístico, using the lighter design mark shown below. Thanks!
    • hi thanks for the feedback i will submit my design soon .........

  • Hello Benjamin, Please check entrie #56 . Let me know what you think Regards
  • Please try using Gill Sans MT
  • Please try using Gill Sans MT