NeuroNexus Institute at UMass Medical School

This is the econd design contest I've been involved with, and both have been fantastic, with lots of effort by multiple designers, fast revisions, and creative designs.

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Winning design #105 by MKR, Logo Design for NeuroNexus Institute at UMass Medical School Contest
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designed by MKR

Project description

New comment 5/18/19.  Thanks for entries.  

I have to work with several other interested parties to review the entries and select a winner - thanks for your patience.

New comments 5/10/19. Thanks for so many great submissions. Keep them coming. 

Guidance: Do not break NeuroNexus into 2 words or put it onto 2 lines.
Do not use all-caps for NeuroNexus - it is important to have the capitalization of the second N readily apparent. 

Having euro exus in small caps with N and N full caps is fine. 

If you use UMass, have both 'U' and 'M' cap, 'ass' in lower case - as shown in this sentence.  Not UMASS or Umass.
Apologies: I'm traveling for a few days and may have limited access to the web for communicating with you, but I'll try.

Brief below is as originally posted:

The NeuroNexus Institute (NNI) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) seeks a logo for use on seminar announcements, on our website, and in other contexts. 


The mission of the NeuroNexus Institute is to promote neuroscience research within UMMS, and to promote neuroscience education and awareness throughout the region (see mission statement on our website for more information ( ).  Our motto is “From Discoveries to Therapies” – but we are not looking to have this included in the logo. 

The ideal images to represent the NNI would find a creative way to convey that we are an interactive group of scientists aimed at understanding the nervous system, from its normal development and function through to diseases and therapies. Text is not required.  Abbreviations (NNI and UMMS) could be used.  We are much more interested in an eye-catching image for branding, and will place it in context with the Institute name. Creative and original ideas are most welcome.

Technical Requirements:

Design: We are looking for a visual icon that can be used with the text “NeuroNexus Institute” or independently, and will still communicate the core idea of what we are. Please be sure to focus on the visual icon, not the text.

Color: The logo needs to work in a variety of applications, so please design a logo that can work in two colors. It’s ok to have more colors, so long as it’s possible to create a version that is 2 colors for use on restricted print applications. If color is used, it must be compatible with the UMMS logo, which is black and PMS 072.


Resizing: Icon must be recognizable when used at a small size

Possible imagery:
Human head(s) in profile
Maybe NNI lettermark (in combination with something else)

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