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Winning design #124 by ursachio, Logo Design for Nev Jewellery Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ursachio

Project description

As Nev Jewellery, our objective is to produce jewellery that will not be affected by fashion, time or trends and create values ​​that will be inherited by future generations. "Our objective is to produce jewellery that will not be affected by fashion, time or trends and create values ​​that will be inherited by future generations." Who are our customers and whom we want to be our customer? Our customers are Turkey's largest jewelry companies and most popular jewelry shops. This year we decided to spend our energy for new projects and regeneration. One of these projects we consider as most important is to work abroad, overseas promotions and export marketing to make our brand international and show our quality to customers from different countries of the world. Other projects are; the shop we opened in grand bazaar to offer better service and meet consumers in person to market our quality and to get feedback. Soon we are planning to start our own e-commerce website which will offer access to both end user and the wholesaler. This year we also decided to expand our product variety which was limited with antique jewellery by adding modern styles of jewelry. Who are our competitors? If it will look like we are the best in our business because the competitors are bad, then we are not in competition.we believe that mandkind or firms which can not add something new to their lifes since the previous day there will be no benefits and beauty in their lifes.We do not care about competition, every company has their own type marketing, all we care about is creating unique products and learning something new everyday. Brand's most powerful, the most prominent aspects: Always remembering why diamond jewellery remained indispensable for centuries, our love and commitment to our business, keeping in mind that we have to produce long lasting values with jewelery products, designs, and provide an innovative and pioneer service to our customers. Most importantly, our source of happiness is the love to produce! Finally: Corporate identity, must feel the desire to be different from others.'' This is the reason we use the name “NEV” .New NEV logo must be an exciting design reflecting the company character. Please keep in mind that NEV is the brand and jewellery is the business type, please maske sure that "NEV" should be more visible. Notes: We want that our logo is not perceived as a jewellery shop but as a modern, strong, humble, simple, and leave an expert on the effect of a jewelry manufacturer.Please do not use sector symbols.Diamond symbols or something like that.Please keep NEV bigger and JEWELLERY like a detail.And if u r going to design a EMBLEM please think a small emblem.

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  • Our brand is Nev Jewellery. There is no AS in our brand, please revise and resend your designs. Best regards,
    • Hello . Please take a look now at #30, #29, #28, #27. I thank you for the warning. However invention to combine N and J remains valid even now. From the combination of the two letters distinguish N letter. Finally I found a new solution stylized #31, #32 and #35, #36, #37. Best regards!

  • The brand is NEV Jewellery. There is no AS in our brand please revise and resend your designs. Best regards,
  • Dear CH, a little bit of explanation about the idea behind #22 and #23. The circle made of gems means precision, unity, whole, beauty in detail while there's a hidden crescent moon and a star to symbolize the home of the NEV jewellery.
  • Hello CH, About #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15. Letters N, A and J form the graphic symbol and distinguishing mark. The font is elegant and classic. Best regards!
  • The brief is quite open.. so for my design #7 I have created a motif pattern and within that incorporated an 'N'.. your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  • HI, I submitted #39 and #40. I hope you like them. If you have any feedback I will be glad to hear it
  • dear buyer please review my entry #2 for the next improvement thanks
    • and proposed the other concept at #52 for your review thanks

  • Dear CH any changes that you want me to do on my concept #5? Cheers!
  • Hi.What that points mean?Thanks
  • Hi CH,thank you for rating my #74 artwork ,do you like the idea? If you have something different in your mind please note me and I will do my best to improve that design or I will make another one.Wish you bright ideas!
  • Thank you so much for your feedback! I have added in the same note, a variant sanded elegance. I mean #85. What do you think, sir? Now I realize, without false modesty, you want a very elaborate and elegant logo! :-)
    • Logo is s big and moving.And not Dereli'ne jewellery sector

    • Hello Now what is your opinion concerning the work improved in my opinion. These are #120, #121, #122. #120 : I did so big to see all the details. Can be used as cufflinks. #121: the symbol has now the letter N , the letter E,the letter V and the letter J. BEst regards!

    • Simply is the best

    • HELLO Simple YES, but NOT simplistic and formal. Please take a look , if you are kind, at #159 and #160 (I have simplified and is perfectly symmetrical). BEst regards!

  • Hello Please take a look now,carefully, at #84 , #83 . Letters N and J form the graphic symbol and distinguishing mark. The font is elegant and classic. The accuracy of combining letters has delicate impact. Best regards!
  • Can you feedback something?Thanks.Can you feedback something?Thanks.
  • Hello! Please disregard #135 and #136 #137 and #138 have the correct spelling... Thanks! - Marvel
  • Hi,I hope that you like my subssion#129 cordially bedesign
  • HI Please check number #146 please. and let me know if you like it. thank you very much.
  • Dear Contest Holder, These are my first designs #131 , #132 and #133 Please email me if you need any changes. Best Regards, s2289
  • Hello About #127, #128 I made ​​two versions quieter, but keeping the original idea. The symbol has now the letter N , the letter E,the letter V and the letter J.
  • NEV sould be bigger as a name and jewellery as a detail
    • Thanks for the feedback. I submitted #191, #192, #193, #194 - I hope you like them. Please excuse me I made a mistake in the word jewellery, but I corrected it here - #203. If you like any other I will corect the text there too.