New allergy & immunology medical clinic needs professional, modern, clean logo! Upscale brand, cutting edge medical practice, advanced technology!

Fantastic experience. We appreciate all the wonderful designs and designers. And this design exceeded expectations as did the designers flexibility. Thanks!

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Winning design #192 by azrytamzil, Logo Design for New allergy & immunology medical clinic needs professional, modern, clean logo! Upscale brand, cutting edge medical practice, advanced technology! Contest
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designed by azrytamzil

Project description

Looking for professional, modern, clean logo. New start-up clinic, need to have a sophisicated, eye-catching design that is not too busy so as to be able to be used on letterhead and business cards, flyers and brochures. We may be looking to create a franchise business model so we want a logo that is scale-able.

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  • Dear ch, Please review my design #78 n #79, the basic design is a modification of a mollecular immunology sign. The logo is simple and formal. Rg
  • My design is based on a simple flower. From that, I expanded on the aspect of teamwork. The triangles do not only represent pedals, but they also represent hands coming together to work as one. I chose to make the arrows pointing UP and LEFT the largest, symbolizing that the medical center will only continue to move upwards and forwards. I would love to hear any type of feedback and improve my design. Thank you very much for your time!
  • About #76 CH, any ideas for improvement, and thoughts.
  • CH, what do you think about this one? And my previous #58? Thanks. :)
  • Here's idea#74, hope you like. Thank you!
  • @CH Any comments on my design? (#71)
  • This is nice but unfortunately seems better suited to a pharmceutical company or pharmacy.
  • This is very nice!
  • This is interesting, can the lettering be repositioned, it looks a bit crowded.
  • Can we see this with darker lettering for the "A"?
  • This is interesting!
  • Here is a revision of #41 with different colours, layout and lettering
  • Here is entry #69, slightly different concept in the sense that the logo is on top, rather than off to the side. Other than that, the text part of the logo is the same font, just a different color to match the logo on top.
  • this is my first entry at this web-site) I'm am a beginner in the design, so I'm nervous a little about your attitude to my design, waiting for your comments :) I hope you like it
  • #60, is it better this way? Give more info on what style do you want..
  • CH, what do you think about this one? The logotype is very flexible. If you want to see it in a diff. color or maybe different position or something totally different, let me know.
  • We use the cell and uniting and symbolizing a human form in each of them, I hope your comments and suggestions thanks.
  • I just added #53, which includes a dark letter 'A'....I can do this in any color combination you like if you do not care for the orange and brown shades.
  • Thanks for the additional colors, but we liked your dark-colored "A" better, the white seems too washed out.
  • Here is #51, which utilizes a more vibrant shade of blue! Let me know what you think of this. #52 is the same as #51, only with a warm orange color.