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Winning design #147 by barkside, Logo Design for New Children's furniture company logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by barkside

Project description

We are in need of a unique logo that will convey our playfully modern style, but maintain trust and professionalism required when doing ecommerce. We don't have a specific color scheme in mind. Please browse to our Etsy store to see our products. go here: We have been working mainly with a dark brown base color with a bright colored stripe, but I don't want to get to cornered into a brown color.

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  • Hi CH, This is a black and white version of #22. Thanks, Mark
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • #36 hi CH, here's my improved version of #5 design, everything's more clean but still warm and playful enough, i think. regards
  • CH, I posted (#30) another version of (#25) using some different colors. I tried to keep the colors on the lighter side giving the logo a more child friendly appearance. Do you have any other suggestions of color combinations you would like me to try? Thanks
  • #27, have changed the font and the size. The graphics inside letter "O" represent the child's dream about their toys.
  • We really like this maybe do another version with some different fonts. The black borders on the letters seem a little strong.
  • I think this is awesome, but i don't think it fits the style.
  • We really like the letters coming out of the box, can we work on the colors.
  • Seems kind of industrial, maybe a different font.
  • I like the bullets between the letters in toys I'd like o see some sort of graphic.
  • Let's play with some other colors . But I really like this
  • CH, I made some modifications to #25 with #71. I added some subtle details to make it stand out more. Thanks
  • Hi CH, For the icon, I used one of your sample boxes for inspiration. I hope that is alright. Thanks, Mark
  • Can we add some darker color in this also?
  • can we add some darker color in this also.
  • I just thought you might like to see them with eyes. Thanks
  • Hi CH, kindly see #128 and #129 ,hope you like it :)
  • Hi CH, please see entry #94. it is the variation of entry #76. hope you like it. if any more changes required please feel free to tell :) thanks
  • Files uploaded....and I am waiting for your response. Thanks
  • Thank you bjacobs1999, I'm very glad you have chosen me as the winner. And the pleasure of my work with you. I will upload design that you want quickly, and I am waiting for your response. Thank you.