New Commercial Real Estate Company Needs Logo with a Corporate Logo

Very pleased with the results. The only problem we had was choosing from so may excellent submissions.

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Winning design #191 by bowman, Logo Design for New Commercial Real Estate Company Needs Logo with a Corporate Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bowman

Project description

We're looking for a logo that's simple and crisp, and that has a corporate feel to it.

Update -- one of our principals definitely wants an emblem or pictoral mark that definitely connects to commercial real estate. An office building is probably the most desirable, but it can be an abstraction of an office building.

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  • Just join this contest... I hope you like it...
  • The city is Jax. Do you like the concept? Any comments or should I go in another direction? Thanks for the opportunity.
  • This is interesting but from a far looks like a lion eating the C.
  • Thank you...this is a little grainy and the bird looks more like a butterfly or humming bird.
  • I like this idea..I feel like it is buildings and a bird facing away but something is not quite working for us.
  • Thank you but this one reminds us of music on an equalizer.
  • Thank you very much for your submission. In this case the C is to overpowering.
  • Thank you, but this looked a little more like an eagle to us and was on the more literal side...
  • Thank you, but we are commercial real estate.. this is more residential.
  • Houses are more residential real estate.
  • Thank you this is an interesting approach.
  • Thank you, but houses are more for residential.
  • Thank you, same comments as the other submission.
  • Hi, Thank you for the good ratings of my designs. I hope my new entry will be very appealing to you. Waiting for your feedback on that matter. Also, please be so kind and give me directions to improve my #42 design. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you, but probably a little to "hip" for us. We're looking for something more corporate.
  • Thank you for this. To date, this has been one of the favorites of two of the partners, but after reviewing everything, our other partner has decided that he wants to see a direct connection to commercial real estate.
  • We appreciate all of the submissions. After reviewing the submissions, one of our principals has decided that the emblem should have something to do with commercial real estate. He especially likes the submissions that have buildings -- it can be an abstract building, but he definitely likes the buildings. We're adjusting the ratings one some of the submissions on that basis. On any further submissions, it would probably be best to include a building. Please no house rooftops though -- we're commercial only.
  • Here's my proposal of visual brand identity
  • #87 #88
  • Hi CH: I incorporated a building into a block "C" and the windows are actually in the layout of the constellation. I tired not to make either the building or the constellation more on the abstract/geometric side. Thanks! -lperwas