new company for telecommunication invoice optimation needs a modern logo!

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Winning design #158 by Smiridon, Logo Design for new company for telecommunication invoice optimation needs a modern logo! Contest
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designed by Smiridon

Project description

We provide a service which suggest different telecommunication contracts after analyzing the telephone and mobile invoices. Both should be displayed as symbolics in the logo.
We need a modern and dynamic brand-logo for “Lowcotel” with the slogan "Telefonkostenanalyse und Optimierung". It is important for me to distinguish the words "low" "co" "tel".
The age of the target group is not specified. The logo should appeal to visitors of the site, should look young and dynamic, but at the same time show that this is serious business.

There are no preset colors to use, so let your creativity flow ;)

This design will be viewed on Web, Billboards, Print, Promotional Items

Vector format (.eps, .ai, .cdr) is preferred. If a vector logo is not available, a high resolution image file (.jpeg, ,bmap, .tif) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi will suffice.

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  • Its already the right direction. Nice idea with the loupe for the O and the telephone handset for c. But it is important for me to distinguish the words "low" "co" "tel". Also important or nice would be is that a symbolic mobile phones. Maybe you'll find a way to integrate it. The slogan also should be 'Telefonkostenanalyse und Optimierung'. Good luck and thx already.
  • Its lowcotel, not locotel :-)
  • sorry, too simple
  • It's not the right business name! Maybe you wanna read once more the brief and look at other logos?!
  • Hello, the concept for this design comes from comparing different pages of information, the writing I've kept simple and clean.
  • about #13 my first submission is a basic draft. There is always room for some shinyness etc :)
  • Well, here's another one :) Left almost the same colors, like my #6 (littlebit navy blue now, but editable back to German flags black, if you liked this more ;) ) and #9 font with idea of the magnifyer... changed just the position of the magnifyer, 'cause you said, it's nice idea. Also aded little cellphone :) Further recommendations are welcome :) p.s. btw, the slogan is editable later, I didn't notice, that you've changed the order of the words. So it can be easily change to right: "Telefonkostenanalyse und Optimierung", when you buy this ;)
  • to ch about #8. Feedback would be great thanks. If you have any ideas on changes let me know.
  • to ch about#78. I have created a icon that is a lc for lowcotel in the shape of a phone to go along with your logo. Any feedback would be great. Thanks for your time.
  • tO CH ABOUT #77. This is my new entry. I turned the O's into a phone that sits in the background.
  • About #74 & #75 Sorry, but I didn't see the earlier comment about the smaller W and magnifying glass. I made both a little smaller in #76 though :)
  • funny idea, i have to think about it.
  • the magnifier is not good designed. the rest is ok
  • its also a bit too light
  • can you add a bean signal
  • the green is a bit too dark and i dont like the "iphone". Sorry ;-) Can you also show me a revision with a smaller W and also a smaller magnifier?
  • the letters are too light.
  • Dear CH, #71, #72 are the revised versions.I hope you like them. Best regards
  • Dear CH About #70 A magnifier, bean signal and telephone symbol. Hope you like it.thanks
  • Dear CH, this is the new version.Please check it.Thanks.