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Winning design #124 by Smart26, Logo Design for New company logo for water well drilling and pump service company Contest
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designed by Smart26

Project description

Most of our business comes from people seeing our trucks. The logo needs to be easily recognizable, clean, and easy to read from a distance on a moving vehicle. We were thinking Drill It in larger colorful type and Well and Pump Service underneath or beside in smaller type. We look forward to seeing your designs.

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  • I like the water drop. Letters need to be wider, fatter, and spacing adjusted. Not crazy about the green. Overall I really like and definately going in the right direction. Thanks!
  • #9 maybe sth like this? more about drilling less about water..
  • I actually like the u shaped one better! Both designs are very good but they just arent quite there. Maybe some other symbol next to the lettering... Thanks so much for your hard work!
  • hello, here are my two suggestions #1 and #2 in case first one resembles of letter u too much, although i like the first more. design is very simple and clear, i think it is the best since they will be on vehicles. greetings!
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • A classic "Picture logo" Hope you like this! It was my take of being able to incorperate all the elements of your company. And hopefully it is what you like.!
  • Clean and readable design for drilling company. The letter "i" simulates a water well and an explosion of water such as when the machine locates the aquifer. Excuse me for my bad English Thaks
  • Clean and readable design for drilling company. The letter "i" simulates a water well. Excuse me for my bad English
  • another proposal, this time more simple, without the drill and color of earth and water, keeping the logo. I am at your disposal for adjustments of color, font or other elements. thank you
  • Hello sir, here is a variation on the design, inspired from the examples you provided I added a gear to the i of drill and made the drills going in the ground, please let me know which of these designs you like best!
  • Hello sir, here is a design that is simple, clear and really obvious, the double letter l in drill are two drills and the i in it has a water drop in it, colors are earthy brown and watery blue in gradients to represent depth. The logo is readable on trucks well with the simple design that anyone looking at it even if it is moving fast will read it clear and see the that it is a drilling and water pumping logo!
  • #34 here is my first submission. I welcome your feedback. The colours on the bottom are suppose to represent earth, water, and clay. Sorry for the size of image. I can resize this and send it again if you like this general look.
  • Dear CH, This is my revision from design #8. What do you think? I hope you will like it. Please rate the design and give your feedback. Thank you. Best Regards, Lionggwan
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your feedback. Just wait a second, then I will back with my revision. Regards, Lionggwan
  • I really like the lettering and overall layout of your designs. Just haven't fallen in love with any of the images you have used on the side. I uploaded some pics of well drilling bits under examples. Maybe they will give you an idea. This one looks like a wood bit drilling through lumber instead of a water well bore. Thanks again for all of your hard work.
  • I like the concept of using a drill bit in the logo but most of the bits being submitted are wood drill bits. I uploaded some examples of common well drilling bits. I hope they will help. Thanks
  • This is an interesting submission. Like the water at the bottom but the green is confusing. Would like to see water all blue or in graduated colors of blue. Dont like the lower case d in Drill or the Lower case i in It. Makes it too hard to read. Would love to see the i in the middle of the Drill turned to blue like it is the bore hole for the water at the bottom of the letters. Maybe dot the i with the head of a drill bit. LOVE the brown that looks like dirt! Maybe some grass on top of the dirt will make the whole thing come together. Very creative start and like where it is headed. Thanks for your hard work!
  • I like this concept. wish the shading were from lighter blue to dark aqua or royal blue. Drill It is two seperate words and I like them beginning with a Capital D and I repectively. Think a water drop for the dot on the I would look great. Also like Well and Pump Service to be streched across the entire bottom of the logo. Good start!
  • Like the water drop. Dont like the fonts on any of the lettering or the drop shadow. Like the shading on water drop, would be nice to see this shading carried through the lettering.
  • Think the grass, while very creative, makes it look more like a sprinkler company.