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Winning design #102 by thereeds92, Logo Design for New Company Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by thereeds92

Project description

We are a new commercial (not residential) specialty construction company focusing on COMPLIANCE of rated barriers (walls, floor, ceilings). We are involved in design, blueprints and specification review, inspection, and code consulting. We work in commercial construction projects on buildings such as hospitals, data centers, office buildings and industrial plants. The company name is Barrier Compliance Services LLC. The LLC can be in the name or not. We are wide open to color scheme as this will be a new company/division so please use your color scheme creativity also. As a next step we will also be looking to do a web site and would like to talk with the winner about contracting this as well (but absolutely no requirement to do so on the winners behalf.)

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  • Dear CH, I took your feedback about my design #5 and made some changed I thought you'd like to see. Please take a look at the changed designs #20 and #21. They are a bit smoother and present themselves in a bit more of a life-like fashion. Looking forward to more feedback. P.S I know there is a spelling mistake in the design "Complience" however that can easily be changed in seconds. Denis
  • Dear CH! I have submitted two minimal design, in same genre but different mood. Submission #7 and #8 are based on the ceiling designs. Please look at my submissions and give your precious feedback, and reviews to find the perfection. Thanks and Regards
  • I like how the look and feel is trending towards that of a blueprint. It seems to lack some polish though and I am not sure how it would be on a typical white background.
    • Thankyou for the feedback. I will make a few alterations and deliver the changes to you soon.

  • Overall it is a little too simple.
  • I like the integration of the B into a building. After showing it to a few people they all thought it looked like an AB. Is there any way to integrate the entire BCS into a building look?
  • I like your graphics look of the BCS into a logo and the colors. It would be nice if it could somehow also translate into what we do as a company. Overall very attractive though.
  • Eliminated due to look compared to other options. Not a bad looking logo by any means we just feel there are better looking options.
  • Eliminate due to font and your revised entries.
  • We like the orange option in 55 better than the red.
  • Feels too harsh and difficult to tell what the logo is trying to accomplish.
  • We like the concept/use of a checkmark with a building, but the logo just lacks appeal.
  • Hard to read on all levels and colors do not seem to work together.
  • It looks like the color version Luke Skywalkers computer display in the trench of the Death Star in the movie Star Wars.
  • Not really sure what is going on with the logo. Text is hard to read when you shrink the logo down to letterhead size.
  • Changing of the colors was not needed from your original #8 (this went the wrong way losing contrast and we liked the original color scheme.) Text "BARRIER COMPLIANCE" still seems too large for the logo. Contrast between the BARRIER COMPLIANCE and SERVICES text is too much.
    • Thanks for your suggestions and feedback. Can I make any further updates for you?

    • With the previous color scheme i have resubmitted the #8 as #71 with the updates in size of Text "BARRIER COMPLIANCE" to make more applicable. I hope you like. Thanks and Regards

  • CH, i am pleased to see you liked my newest editions, #45 and #46. I changed the colors and font as requested. I look forward to any additional feedback you may have. Thanks Dina
  • Reminds us too much of the sold SBC and Hospira logos. A little too simple for what we would like.
  • Logo is just a basic cube which is a little too simple.
  • Logo can stand alone which is good. Colors good. Font is too new agey.
  • Too simple and looks like a computer monitor/logo