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Winning design #225 by yuland, Logo Design for New Company Needs Innovative Logo! Contest
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designed by yuland

Project description

Logo Use: The logo will be used for corporate documents, legal forms, letterhead, business cards, checks and the parent website. Logo Design: Since the logo is for the parent company it does not need to be flashy and intricate. We would like the logo to contain the text "IP Video Specialists" or "IPVS". Based on your design we can choose if we like the abbreviated version or not. We want it to be clean, bold and easy to read font. Want it to appeal to all types of customers. If you want to try and add an image of a camera with the text or camera with a power cord attached to text we are open to that too. Keep in mind it is mostly for corporate documents so it doesn't have to bee too "fancy". We are open to colors.

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  • Good start... can you make Video Specialists more bold and bigger?
  • Good start. Can you make Video Specialists in a bolder font? Thank you.
  • Thank you for your design. The text should either read IPVS or IP Video Specialists
  • Dear CH,,, Please ceck my new concept & first submit entries. I hope you like. Thanks :)
  • Dear CH, Here I come with my first concept. The idea comes from web camera. I try to combine it with the "IP" text. What do you think? I hope this design will represent what the company wants. I am willing to help in the revision to make it perfect for your company logos. I waited for good response from you. Thank you. Best Regards, Lionggwan
  • To CH - #31 is the base design for the inclusion of words. I would like some feedback on it. The color alternative is after it, and the colors can be switched accordingly. #33 is the base design for the initials only. Also feedback on this as well, if you would please. The color alternatives are after it.
  • Hi CH! #88 and #89 are bold logos with rounded body which represents camera lens with the reflection on it. Hope you like it. If something need to change, just say.
  • Dear CH #79 #110 ..simple design makes beauty.. hope u like it.. best regards..
  • #64: the red "IP" doubles as a camera, the eye of the camera is also a webcam. Icon can be used alone or with the IPVS, or with the IP Video Specialists text. Thanks!
  • Like this logo. Can you do this in other combinations (grey/black) (grey/blue)? Thank you.
  • Hello CH, As you ask here are my 2 new designs. Thank you
  • about # 86 I´ve made the changes you´ve asked´s design #119 now... best regards PauloDesign
  • This is my try... #139 Thank you!for your comment
  • Like your direction but can you make it look more modern? Thank you
  • Like this logo. Can you make the image look more like a camera lens? Thank you.
  • Can you replace IPVS with IP Video Specialists. Thank you
  • Like your direction. Can you outline the P or make it more visible? Thank you
  • Like your direction. Can you create a couple more like this, keep the image and 1) with jus the IPVS text and one with "IP Video Specialists"
  • Like your direction. Can you put text all on one line?
  • I do like the direction of showing the video camera around the world. Can you do something more modern?