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Winning design #237 by danielencinas, Logo Design for New Company Needs Logo Contest
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designed by danielencinas

Project description

UPDATE- The name Lancaster originates from a relative who was in World war 2. He was a gunman on an aeroplane.
It would be good to incorporate something to do with this theme into the logo but do NOT include shooting or guns.

We are looking for someone to design a logo that is fresh, clean and modern.
NO pick axes, and no more ANIMALS in the logo please and it has to look professional and clean.
ONLY 2D and no shadows please.
ALSO, must be original work, no copying!!!

The logo will have to be on a white background and of a corporate nature.

Other logos we have designed in the past and that we LIKE a lot include the following:

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  • About #60 Hi there Zaakir, At this new emblem concept, I gave him more strenght. About the lettering, I made him more bolt with greys tones! Hope you like it, Best regards, PVC
  • #55 I made #12 less dull... let me know what you think.
  • Good Day! Any comment is well appreciated!
  • About #28 Hi there Zaakir, Thanks for feedback´in! So you like the emblem form and the lettering, right? And what about the colours? Kind Regards, PVC
  • Here is it Sir... As U suggested for #26., Black and dark grey font... Any suggestion ??
  • if any suggestion for this design you want sir....?
  • SIR i have correct the previous one with the thin text...
  • dont like the shape in the background.
  • this is my another design sir... it has the strong bull in it.. & the colours are similar to sand...
  • dont like the bold text
  • too bold and no underline
  • this is revised logo in only single colour sir...
  • hi sir have read your comments & have designed a new logo like you need... have a glance on it ... and please put your suggestions .....
  • i actually like your previous version. maybe play with the colours a bit
  • I dont really like the bird, I dont think its very corporate looking
  • dont like the two colours on the text
  • Like but I think the text font needs work, maybe a sans serif font?
  • The text needs to be a bit bore sharper and crisp
  • nice but the emblem I would not go with
  • try to make an emblem that does not represent anything like and animal or hat or axe etc.