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Winning design #27 by Logolab77, Logo Design for new company Contest
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designed by Logolab77

Project description

I need a logo/image of a meerkat high-fiving pikachu.  it will be used for t-shirts and other print - business cards etc

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  • :) #30
  • HI there niko1

    These characters are copyrighted, do you have the copyrights to use them? You will not be able to copyright or trademark this design
  • Initially i thought you meant just remove the brownish color from the base of the tail,here is one more option removing the shadow highlight to make the tail completely yellow #27
  • All yellow tail request...hows this?
  • can you make the tail all yellow? #24
  • Just a quick mock up to give you a gauge how design would play on materials #25
  • These two might be overkill,just wanted to provide a couple of background options,this being the most subtle of the two #20
  • Hear is a touch up followup to #18,looking forward to hearing back,i have one more coming in with a subtle background option #19
  • Here is design based off of your design brief and comments scaled slightly larger for viewing,design has been created from scratch using industry standard vector artwork so design can be scaled small to large without distortion of image,it has also been created on a transparent background so it can easily be placed on virtually any color or themed background,looking forward to hearing back #18
  • Will have original artwork in shortly...i see i lot of modified clipart

    • @Logolab77 Still working on it,have it up in an hour

    • @Logolab77 preparing files for upload...

  • How's this? I made them high-fiving more, made the meerkat smaller, and made it more feminine. #15
  • :) #11
  • Hello,
    Please take a look at this quick mick-up idea I sketched up for you.
    Looking forward your thoughts.
    Thanks #9
  • Please let me know of changes! #6
    • Looks awesome! Can you make the meerkat a ittle more girly? maybe the meerkat a little smaller... pikachu is perfect. thx!!

  • Hope u like it, just ask me if you want any revision #8
  • Hello. I was hoping you could give me some feedback on my design. Before I get into too much detail, I'd like to know if I'm on the right track! Thank you! #7
  • HI there niko1

    This is admin Sharie, I need to ask about copyright issue/trademark issues with using pikachu?
  • meerkat high-fiving pikachu #5
  • meerkat high-fiving pikachu #4
  • Sir Which type of image you need you give information.