New cooking school doing cooking and movement retreats needs fresh, clean logo design.

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Winning design #107 by lperwas, Logo Design for New cooking school doing cooking and movement retreats needs fresh, clean logo design. Contest
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designed by lperwas

Project description

I need a logo for this start-up. I plan to use the logo on my website and in all communications regarding the company. I'm looking for something that primarily shouts green, sustainable and conscious cooking and eating. In addition, on a more subtle note, I'd like to incorporate the notion of fitness and activity. I want a fresh, clean design that prints well in black and white as well as color. I am fond of the logo for Nature's Table Cooking School at if anyone wants to take a look. I couldn't figure out how to import it as an example.

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  • thank's for the input.. i'll be right back :)
  • I like the box with the name in it, but don't love the veggies shooting out. Also this one doesn't incorporate a sense of movement (physical activity). Trying to get that in there subtly. Check out the logo at I am a big fan. I hope all potential designers will check that out. I wasn't sure how to include it anywhere as an example.
  • This one has potential. Can we try a splash of red or yellow in there. Also, not sure what the object is in the ladle.
  • Thank you for submitting something I can see in both color and b/w. The more I think about it, I'm not sure I am fond of the idea of an actual piece of food in the logo.
  • The tree with apples kind of reminds me of a smiley face. :) And not digging the figure. Want a subtle statement of movement incorporated.
  • dear contest holder, i hope this represents what you're looking for in your logo. Please check it out.. thank you..
  • Too busy.
  • The font is too busy, but I do like the person. However, I feel that the 'movement' aspect is overstated and the healthy, conscious eating is understated. I'd like to reverse that.
  • The dancing woman adds too much of an overstatement on the movement. I am hoping to create a primary eat organic and health consciousness with a subtle movement element.
  • I feel this is too busy.
  • Interesting. The apple seems out of place, but I like the movement of the person. Don't love the font, but do like the fork built into the words.
  • Hi CH, I reworked #13 (now #22) to represent an active lifestyle by eating healthy, I hope this works for you. I also submitted a new concept #23, that represents the green and eating healthy, thought the graphic leaf figures in motion gets this idea across well and adds nice energy! Thanks!
  • Dear CH, After thinking for a while about the concept of your company, I came up with #18 I wanted to embody the two necessities towards leading a healthier lifestyle, conjugating movement with organic eating - hence the fruit picking. Let me know if this could be an acceptable direction. Or if you'd like me to go more towards the "movement figure". Kind regards, Alex
  • The big heart + the person in move = the big apple! The green food. I'll try to make other models... coming back soon. thanks for the comment!
  • Dear contest holder, Thank you for your suggestions. #16 is updated version. I hope that it looks better now. I added the apple as a sign of healthy food and also as a sign of learning (inspired by tradition of children bringing red apples to their teachers). Please tell me if you have some more suggestions. Warm greetings =)
  • I like the person. Not sure about the chef hat, but it could grow on me. Trying to get across the concept of learn, cook and move all in one. Also maybe a different font.
  • This one has potential. Is there some simple, clean additional graphic that might work with it? Also, I'm unclear about what you've used as the "o" in move.
  • I like the person. I don't like the font of the giant heart. I am trying to get across the the idea that eating green, sustainable and consciously and taking care of your body from the inside combined with the essence of physical movement go hand in hand.
  • I'd prefer a different font. I like the knife and fork, but I'm not sure what is speared on the end of the fork. Is the circle around the utensils supposed to represent something? I'm looking for a combination of eating healthy and the essense of physical activity. Eating fuels you to be able to move and take care of yourself.
  • I like the person and the lines underneath that seem to represent movement. I feel like that person is moving in order to eat - to grab the apple. I'm looking more for something where you get the sense that eating is nourishment to help you be active.