We are very happy with the logo design we picked. Design Contest is a great online resource and tool for getting a variety of designs. We will definitely used Design Contest again!


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designed by CDYStudios

Project description

We are looking for a logo that represents health and fitness plus innovation. If the logo can include or someway incorporate FITNESS, TV and VIDEO, we feel it will fit our business model. We want a clean, catchy logo that people will remember. Nothing too complicated. The logo will be used for: Website Pages, Corporate Documents, Advertising, Clothing, Video. Logo Colors: Want the logo to appeal to men & women of all ages Not opposed to multi-colored logo Want customers to associate logo and/or colors of logo with health/fitness We did some research online and found people associate certain colors with health & fitness. Here is what we found: Green- people associate green with color or money, as well as nature. Olive greens are associated with health and freshness. Green suggests fertility, freedom, healing and tranquility. Orange- Orange is associated with vibrancy and the tropics, as well as warmth and contentment. It can instill a sense of fun and excitement. It implies health. It suggests pleasure, cheer, endurance, generosity and ambition. It can make an expensive product seem more affordable. It appeals to a wide range of people. You do not need to limit logo to green and orange. We are open to many colors. We do not have any specific details in mind and we are looking forward to seeing your creations! Thank you!

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  • About #47 Here is my other entry, with more edgy look, innovative, strong & modern style. Hope you like it. Thanks and have a great day!!!
  • Ch, Clean and easy to read. + i forgot to put the tv antenna on the green circle. If anyhing, i can submit a revision. Thanks for ur time.
  • Hi CH, I got rid of the tv and added the play button as you suggested.
  • About #42, I took off the shadow, and included the logos in flat and black and white colors. Hope you like! :) Thanks :)
  • Thank you to everyone who has submitted a logo so far. We are loving them. Going forward we would like to stay away from logos with the "fitness characters". We like the clean, easy to read fonts. Like the play button in the 'O' and also like how some have incorporated the TV or TV antennas within the text. Thank you!
  • I like the look of the first logo better. Can you take the first logo and replace Tv with the O and put a play button?
  • Can you take away the shading in the logo? Thanks!
  • about #41 that is simple idea i wish like it and if you want any changes or another design i will be there thanks
  • I changed the tv to a more modern tv and changed the layout slightly. Hope this is better!
  • About #33 #34, I took out the reflection and mixed the colors around within the logo.
  • Can you do something more edgy?
  • Based on the other logos, this does not seem catchy, or innovative. Can you add anything or change logo so that the customer would know it is a health/fitness company?
  • Not sure I like the color combination. Can you play with different colors? I do like the "play" button in the 'o'. Thanks
  • This is better, easier to read! I really like the look of this logo. Would love to see what else you come up with! Also, can you delete the grey shadow or reflection at the bottom of logo? Thanks!
  • I think it is hard to read the 'O' in YOU... maybe take the TV out of text and put in different space? also, the TV is a little old school looking, I like it but we are going for cutting edge, innovative. When I see that TV I think "past" technology. Thanks!
  • Good start- can you make it a little more edgy?
  • Like this, like the icons
  • This is a good start- I like it. Can you try making the TV image a bit smaller and play with the placement of it?
  • Hi CH :) I used the play button and red circle on remotes it can also stand for the red circle in videos and recording,clean and has edgy look. hope you like it. #18 I remove the reflection so youl have a clear view regarding printing. hope you like it.
  • Dear Contest Holder, After reading your previous critiques, I edited my previous submissions. Designs #14 and #15 are my newest concepts, design #15 is the same but with a shadow effect. I got rid of the "fitness character" and included a dumbbell, as well as a TV antenna. These designs will work great for print or web, and would look great in grayscale as well. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio