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We are creating a new office furniture division and would like a logo for this division. We know that we don't want the logo on a dark background. Would like image and company name.

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  • About #16 The idea of modularity is not only on the company's proposal but also in it's symbol. The green represents the environmental causes and both green elements are positioned in the left side showing its importance for the company. The gray color was used to infer serenity and the symbol is not centralized to demonstrate creativity , which is very important in work places solutions. In the written part of the logo I used a sans serif font, which represents modernity without forgetting the seriousness of the business. A very subtle reflex was used in the symbol to provide a more tridimensional appearence. Vspachicoski
  • Hi CH, #9 My concept in approaching this logo design was a simple idea of stacked boxes as an allusion to furniture. I kept the same color palette as Spacesaver inc. and I felt that the alternating blue and orange plays nicely with each other. I was going for a timeless modernist corporate design. Thanks!
  • Dear Ch, I posted two versions of my idea. #2 & #3 The concept is to be simple and obvious. Hope you like.
  • Hello Cindy, Here is my first submission. I used a w and p to create an image of a chair and desk.
  • #25, i used the w in your company name to represent furniture. This would be easy for printing purposes and colour can be done in one colour or changed to suit your needs.
  • Hi Ch here is my entries. #88 #89 #91 the icon symbolize letter "W". hope you like it. thank you
  • Backgrounds and gradient backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • No gradient backgrounds allowed unless requested by CH.
  • NO third party images allowed.
  • I submitted the finalized version of the logo with the files. Is everything okay? Any questions or requests in relation to the files just tell me. thank you
  • hi! yes, we definately need the name change to "Workspace Design". Please do not add the tagline. We can add that later because we are unsure of the exact wording. Thank you!
  • Hi, thanks for choosing my logo as the winner. What changes do you want me to do? Just a name change to: Workspace Design. ? or add in the tagline "A member of the Group SpacesaverInfolinx" I wait feedback. to finish as soon as possible thank you
  • Please change the name of our company to: Workspace Design. Thank you!
  • Is it possible to add some color in the graphic? maybe a book or furniture piecde.
  • Please add "A member of the SpacesaverInfolinx Group"
  • Also, please add "A member of the SpacesaverInfolinx Group"
  • please make the top doors take up 1/2 of graphic;eliminate 2nd row of graphic; move the drawers from second row to replace the graphic in the lower right.we are concerned that the original graphics are too small to distinguish in use.
  • Hi, I submitted again the logo files. but now without all caps . Any questions or requests in relation to the files just tell me. thank you
  • hi! I did not clarify the name very clearly . .. it is WorkspaceDesign. Do you think you could adjust the font or maybe not put in all caps. My CEO thinks it is looking to much like "NASA the space people". I hope this is an easy fix. Thank you!
  • I think we are good. Let me run it by our CEO. :)