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Winning design #204 by Gigantimo, Logo Design for New Gas Company Needs Modern Logo! Contest
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designed by Gigantimo

Project description

We are looking for someone to design a logo that is: - fresh, clean and modern - professional - original, no copying!!! - ONLY 2D and no shadows please. An abstract symbol (not a simple bird) plus company name - be in simple colour scheme The logo will have to be on a white background and of a corporate nature. The logo should NOT include the following in the design: - flames of any sort or colour.

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  • This logo hearkens back to warm beach style imagery from the 1970s. It goes quite in the opposite direction of a lot of modern logo imagery which will make it stand out in the memory. #93 is a mistake... the correct coloration did not show up on the web. In addition, the entire design is intended to subtly resemble a single bird in flight. The sun being the head, and the flock of birds being the wing.
  • Changed and Resized as requested. :) Changed it to darker colors so it will have better contrast... Resized the logo... And!.. That's about it. :D Any more revisions?.. I'd be happy to do it.
  • I've changed the green 'Energy' to a blue gradient. Please let me know if you need any other variants.
  • It needs to include Energy Ltd also please
  • This logo i a little too large and could you possibly move it to the left if the writing?
  • Possibly different colour scheme and the logo is too large?
  • This logo is too large, and possibly a different colour scheme?
  • I like this! Can you change the colour scheme?
  • Could you possible change the font to a different style?
  • Can you try this in a different colour scheme and without the line through the middle?
  • Different colours maybe?
  • I love the design, perhaps some other colours?
  • I really like this design, could you try with a different colour than the green as it may not be a 'green' company
  • Sorry, I accidentally submitted #62 incorrectly, please disregard it
  • Tried putting a sun and bird together with Sunbird energy title underneath with the "S" as a birds talon or beak but i couldnt cooperate the design with a white back round. hope it still will work
  • about #53 I have created a sun and a bird in striking color but can also be done in black in white with the same striking and bold effect.
  • My inspiration was trying to tie together 'sun' and 'bird' which resulted in a somewhat radial pattern to form an abstract bird. Colors were added for that extra 'pop,' but the design can easily be stripped down to black.
  • About #38 Use the letter G "GAS" with the flag of Africa and includes and object simulating GAS expulsion Regards.
  • DESIGNERS, please make good use of the comment box to explain your design. Comments such like saying you submitted your entry or asking for feedback will be deleted the first time but will get infracted the second. Moderator
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder infraction for