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Winning design #115 by VhienceFX, Logo Design for New High-Tech Company Needs Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by VhienceFX

Project description

X Stream Designs engineers, designs and manufactures hardware and enclosures for the live streaming video industry. Our products allow for streaming live video from urban and remote locations; hard-wired or wirelessly, using conventional electrically powered systems, solar power or wind generators. We would like our logo to communicate a product of high-technical content, innovation and creativity. Since the industry we serve supports the live streaming video infrastructure, the logo must include or infer the relationship of our products to this industry. We would like the logo to include our company name: X Stream Designs. We would also like to incorporate a character within the logo relating to the live streaming video and/or live webcam industry. The logo must be sharp and reflect a professional high-tech company. This logo will be used on marketing materials, product hardware, and apparel.

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  • Hi CH, Please find entries #14 , #15 , #16 , #17 , #18 , #19 , #20 , #21 . Feedback greatly appreciated, colours and fonts can be changed without hesitation Regards SJK
  • Like this logo! Can you give us some other versions incorporating the same X design? Thank you
  • Like this logo! Can you give us some other versions? Maybe change font? Or make Designs bigger & bolder? Thank you
  • Like the direction and look of this logo. Can you delete the - in between X and Stream. Also play with the X and change its look, make it more bold? Thank you
  • Like the direction of this logo. Like the play button within the X. Can you give us some other versions? Maybe change the X a little? Thank yiu
  • Like the use of the play button but do not think the logo represents a high-tech company. Can you make it a bit more edgy? Thank you
  • Like the direction of this logo. Can you simplify the X a little and put it to the left of the text so the logo is all on one line? Thank you
  • #48 please feedback to my design. Thanks and have a great day
  • Submitted #43 Tried created a font made with the same grid angles and measurements of the original X and play button within the logo. Still looking into other possible versions. Please let me know of any further preferences.
  • Hi tsears, Thank you for the feedback please find entry #60 . However due to the change of setup on the DC site, this is my last available upload for my particular Level, I am extremely close to the next Level which will allow me a further 5 uploads. So please continue with the feedback and hopefully i will be able to progress with the contest in the coming days Regards SJK
  • Re: About #57 Thank you for the compliment and great suggestions. I've submitted #59 for your consideration. Thanks again, eRic
  • Would you like me to keep the 'x' from #21 (size, colour and shape)?
  • eRic, I like your creativity and great graphics. A little too cluttered and low tech. Can you streamline a little and make it less bold?
  • SJ, Can you elongate the arrow about 30% to make it longer and narrower, color it blue, and use the original "X" color and font?
  • Hi CH, thank you for the feedback, please find my entry #58 . Hope this is what you were looking for Regards SJK
  • I like the design of the "X". It looks good. It would be good to see a bit more content and incorporation of wi fi or streaming video graphics. Maybe a change in font such as shadows, outlines etc...
  • Your design is great. I like the font, symmetry and color scheme. I would like ask for you to remove the hyphen and replace it with a solid arrow head (indicating a play button, without the button outline, just the arrow)
  • I like the layout and color pattern, just a bit to symmetrical. Also, the Chevrons are nice however it would be good to see graphics referencing streaming content such as wi fi or video.
  • I like the layout and size relationships to each of the words. I would like to see some graphics representing the "streaming" nature of our business incorporated into your design.
  • Dear CH, here are my Entries: #51,#52,#53,#55,#56. I hope you like them. If any changes required please tell me. Regards. Reni