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Winning design #194 by ary, Logo Design for new logo design Contest
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designed by ary

Project description

We are doing a name change for our business to have it more represent what we do. The current website and logo can be seen at The new name of the company is Broadband Tower Services

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  • Dear CH - I've uploaded a new design #1, #2, #3 - It'd be great if you gave me any commenton this. Thank you.
    • #1 is kinda cool as it looks like looking up through a tower

    • Thank you for your comment - the idea was exactly what you've mentioned. I've uploaded #21, #23 and #25 as kind of modifications of the previous design. Pls let me know if that's what you're lookin for. Thank you.

  • interesting, would like to see the graphic replace the first A in broadband to see what that looks like
    • Thanks for the feedback, I posted 2 new designs based on your request.

  • Good Day CH, could you change this to a blind contest so that there would be no copying of designs? Best regards.
    • No I don't like blind contests, tried it once and it didn't work.

  • we are liking the idea of the letters BTS
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please check my designs #32 , #33 , #34 , #35 and #36 Email me if you need any changes or you have some new ideas about my design work. Thank you! Best Regards, s2289
  • Hi Ch, Regarding my entry #75 , if it appears that I'm copying the other entry, im sorry but i didnt realize it. Anyway you can eliminate this entry if it appears as form of copying. Thank you and Im really sorry I was not careful. DRGO
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have uploaded a design for your company. Check it out it's #66. Colours are only place-holder but I used grey and orange because I feel they represent your company's professional aesthetic. I placed the "Tower services" left justified because the icon is on the right and it creates balance. Please give me feedback so I can improve my design or start over. Thank you.
  • Because of the Easter weekend we have decide to extend the contest as we are not quite their with the design. I expect we will choose a design before the 7 day extension is done though, we are very close and are happy with our top 4 or 5 designs so far.
  • can you put the words beside the bts instead of underneath?
    • oops! of course I can! :) I'll submit in a little time. Thanks for your appreciation :)

  • could you try a couple things for us. make the db a bit taller and have the signal coming out parallel to the ground, same with the t in bts and also have the word underneath beside the the bts in 2 rows.
    • Of course! I will do it in a couple of minutes :) Seeya

    • Hi sean1. I've submitted two new designs (#161 and #166) according to your suggested modifications. Tell me if I've worked correctly :) Enjoy. Hugs

  • we like this but it needs to be more of a graphic than a picture of a cell tower?
    • hi. can you explain better your question please? :) thanks for your appreciation, anyway. I'll try to put some variations :)

  • hi sean1. how about starting with feedbacks? :) maybe your intervention could "open our minds" and tell us how to proceed with our layouts and try to satisfy your needs :)) Best regards. Pedro67
    • sorry bad timing on the contest i was away for 4 days.

    • hi sean1, sorry for my hurry, I did not want to put you under pressure in any way :9 Thanks for rating my logos :) Best regards

  • could you also try this with the words to the right of the graphic so its all the same height?
    • About #147 Revisions made accordingly #148 A bit different arrangement Few more to come Open for critique Thank You

    • |--|

      Dskwkrs {*wrote*}:
      About #147 Revisions made accordingly #148 A bit different arrangement Few more to come Open for critique Thank You
      |--| prefer the square, might try curved lines, more radio wave like

  • i like the lettering but not the graphic
    • Dear CH Please view my new entry #140 #141 and Feedback Thanks.

  • Hello CH I have submitted #144 for you consideration. The logo is an abstract B related to your type of business. Please give any feedback on this.Thank you
  • i like the lettering in this as well but not the graphic
  • i like this but it looks like the graphic is a sky scraper, needs to look more like a tower with an antenna
  • Hi CH please check out #131. I can do different color variations, based on what the BG color is going to be. Best regards David
  • nice and simple, could you try making the verticle stoke on the d look a bit like a tower? nothing literal just graphical representation?
    • Hi! please take a look at new version with upgrades

  • Thanks for an estimation of my work! I have made replacement in a variant #16, now it is #119.