New logo design: Pear Lounge

Loved every minute of this experience. After a slightly slow start, the entries came pouring in, with some truly exceptional designs coming through. We had a VERY difficult decision choosing the winner overall, but were more than happy with our chosen design. Would happily use and recommend this service again! Thank you.

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Winning design #224 by FEMAE, Logo Design for New logo design: Pear Lounge Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FEMAE

Project description

Hello all We are a brand new UK business services site, offering marketing and online services. We need a new logo designed encompassing an image and the words "Pear Lounge". We don't have a fixed idea for design, but would like something fairly quirky/original (to use marketing buzz words), perhaps playing with the image of a Pear in a lounge type setting, pipe & slippers, or chesterfield leather sofa, we'll leave the creativity to you! The logo will be used on websites/social media and traditional media such as letter heads and business cards. We don't want it to look too corporate or serious, but must have an air of sophistication befitting a company offering quality marketing services. We'd also like to use Green as a predominant colour, something similar to Pantone 659 If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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  • Hello CH. I have submitted #7 and #8. If there is anything you would like changed, please specify and i'll get right on it. Thanks. Paul
    • Hi Paul Thanks for the submission. Prefer design 8 to 7, but not sure on the font style. Could you try a less rounded style on the 'lounge' bit and slightly heavier weighting? Thanks PL

    • Hello CH. I re-submitted my entry with the requested changes. I also added a circular border. #38

  • Hello, If you have any suggestions or ideas for designs #2, #3, #4, #5 or #6, please let me know! I'm happy to make adjustments. Best, schwede9
    • Hi Thanks for your entries, really like your style/consistency throughout. 2, 3 and 5 are definitely the sort of thing we're looking for. On version 3, could you try making the chair 'coloured in' with a red/burgundy colour? Thanks PL

    • Sure! Do you like design #14? I can make any additional changes to any of these. Thanks, schwede9

  • Hi CH, Please take a look my design solution #11. Could you please tell me do you like it and could you please provide some feedback. Best, Pix
    • |--|

      Pixell {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, Please take a look my design solution #11. Could you please tell me do you like it and could you please provide some feedback. Best, Pix
      |--| Hi Pix Thanks for the entry, really like the pear and seat combination, but not so sure on the font style. I think we'd prefer a more standard, rounded font style, and one colour rather than two. Regards PL

  • Could you do another version with the chair burgundy in this one? Curious to see what impact it has on the overall design Thanks
    • I put the burgundy chair in design #36. Comments or suggestions for further refinements? I really appreciate all your feedback. Let me know what else you would like to see.

  • Hi Really like the inverted (grey) one for this design, could you try a darker green for the pear?
    • Not a problem. Do you like the color in design #37 better?

  • your entry is too much like entry 14, the exact same sofa was used as well
  • TOC
    Hi I have just submitted #30, please let me know if you would like to see any other variations of this concept. Thanks Jack
    • Hi, thanks for the entry. Actually, picking up on the 'o' with a pear shape in it, is there anything you can do with a green square/circle block with a pear shape in, and maybe the words pear lounge? I know its something very different to your entry, but we haven't had any submissions like that yet! Thank you

    • TOC

      No problem - I am actually working on something similar to that right now so will upload it shortly. Thanks

    • TOC

      I have uploaded 2 options in the new style. Thanks

  • GJR
    Hi, I've submitted #31 and #41, please let me know your thoughts. If you would like any modifications I'm very happy to make changes.
  • Hi Liking the quirky looking pear character! Is there anything you can do to make the chair a little less prominent, and the text more rounded/uniform? Thanks
    • I've just uploaded #27. I made the chair a little smaller all round and made the back a little lower. I also took the saturation down a little on the colour of the chair to make the pear fellow stand out some more. When you said rounded text, is this what you meant? Let me know if there are any other tweaks you'd like me to make.

    • Yes, that is more what we had in mind. Thanks. Could you try making the text the same width as the chairs widest point?

    • #28 is now with smaller text, which I agree looks better. More of a nice solid block.

    • Thanks for doing that, much tidier.

  • Hi Really like the update for this one, thank you!
  • Hi aborriello~ I created a few logos for your consideration that feature just the pear or the pear in a chair. I wanted to show what the logo will look like against a light or dark background and also in black only or reverse (white). Hope you like the comps: #71 #72 #73 #74 Cheers, PaintedPony
    • Hi, thanks for your entries. Particularly like #71 #72 - would you be able to produce #71 in a reverse or black only version? Thank you

  • Hi CH, I'd love to get your input on design #70. Thanks! IsaacsInk
    • Hi, thanks for your submission. I like the label/stamp idea - is there anything you can do to get some colour variety in the design? Perhaps make the pear more of a yellowish green?

  • Definitely feeling the right side one with the two-tone pear. Can you do a white version (White rectangle, green border, green text etc) of that one too? Many thanks!!
    • I wasn't sure which green looked better, so #67 includes both the darker green and the lighter one, each with the shaded pear. What do you think?

    • Like these, thanks. Think I prefer the darker green, although I like the lighter colour too. What about the dark border with the lighter text and chair? bit of a hybrid?! Thanks

    • Thanks for all your updates too by the way, very much appreciated.

    • Sure! Design #69 has both colors. I still have plenty of uploads left, so please let me know if there are any other modifications you would like to see!

  • Great update, thank you! Can you try a different shade of for the pear in the all green rectangle?
    • How does #64 look? One is shaded, and the other is "flat." Let me know what you think.

  • Thanks for providing the green update on this one. Could you provide a 'white version' as in #2, keeping the pear the same green as in this one? Would you be able to produce a Green template too? So instead of a grey solid colour, we have a green with white text? Thanks
    • I think I understand. Is design #60 what you were looking for? I'm happy to modify anything else. Thanks for all your great feedback. schwede9

    • Yes that's exactly what I meant, thank you!!

  • Hi Liking the art style of this, could you try one with a little more formal font style?
    • Hi there, i am glad to hear that you like my design :)I change font so please check it #55 and #57 best regards

    • Liking the feel of #57, for contrast, could you try solid colours without the pencil/sketch feel? Interested to see how a "neat" version would look. Thanks

    • There it is - version with solid colors...please check #59 and let me know what you think. best regards

  • GJR
    Hi, thanks for the ratings! I submitted #41 and #31 . Could you give me some feedback on what you like/dislike about my designs.
    • Hi, prefer #31 to #41, like the block of colour with white template design. Could you try number #31 without the smoking bit?

    • GJR

      I've removed the smoking reference and uploaded #58. Thanks

  • Thanks for doing that. And, if it's not too much trouble - could try a 'filled-in' pear and one with a heavier border weight but not filled-in? Thank you
    • Hi CH, Sure, no problem will make it right now. Best, Pix

  • Nice idea. Maybe try making the pear a little larger so the stalk is the same width from the edge as the font?
  • Hi, Interesting concept for this one. Could you use a dark green for the font colour?
    • Please take a look #46. I can also make font in style of pear?