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Our company was very pleased with the results of designcontest. We received over 300 different designs making our choice a very hard one. The designers on this site are very talented and it was a great experience to view all the work. Special thanks to our winner who captured our vision. I'm a designer creative director and had a very positive eye opening experience.


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Winning design #130 by lalecherianet, Logo Design for Casal Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lalecherianet

Project description

The Capital Commercial Group brand started in 2005 as a simple Cooper Plate Gothic font with orange and a silver/gray color – orange being a major accent. The initial logo was designed to have a minimalist industrial feel. In 2007 the logo evolved to an orange box with the companies name inside. The orange box derived from the company’s signage displayed across the Miami Dade market. Large signs are primarily orange (very visible when driving) as the main visual aid, and made the orange color one of the most recognized symbols. Today we have realized our brand name has become lost within the orange box. The name Casal and the color orange are the only two elements our clients and peers remember. We are ready to evolve and are looking for a designer with a creative distinct talent to develop a new logo. We want to marry the orange element with the new company name. The use of the orange color as the main element in combination with a dark gray (sepia /taupe). This is our secondary color. The name of the company will now be The Casal Group. The word “Casal” will need to be a primary brand logo. This can also be in connection with an icon. We are looking for “out of the box “ ideas, a symbol or font that represents industrial commercial real estate in a modern classic form that embodies an institutional corporate feeling. Samples of our signs previous logos and various marketing materials have been uploaded for your viewing. Also visit our corporate site for more information and visual aid. We look forward to receiving your creative ideas appreciate your consideration and thank you for the work and effort.

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  • Very creative not our vision. Thank you
  • Great icon. Can you make the design one solid color Orange no gradient. Thank you
  • Great icon design. Can you just use the name Casal alone. Thank you for your work
  • Thank you for your work
  • Very Well thought out. Can you just use the word Casal. Thank you
  • Dear Designers, Thank you very much for the submissions so far. :)
  • Building logo with CCG (Capital Comercial Group)combination regards oniKuro
  • Dear CH, please let me know if you require any changes in the design of the buildings or is the apartment style ok. Thank you.
  • About #30 Clean design, that represents real estate. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, Here are my entries #16 #17 & #18. My logo creation is inspired by tripple "S". Striking,Simple & Strategic.Striking: enough to bring about the maximum message of the brand name.Simple:in form and design must be very clean.Strategic: with foreseeing it to be easy and friendly to use for web,desktop and print.
  • Hello CH, I'm submitting #13, #14, and #15 as my first submissions. They are all variations on the same logo which utilizes a custom made font that incorporates the form of people who make up the "group." Modern and soft. #15 has a tile border reminiscent of olympic swimming pools: Architectural, but familiar and warm.
  • I don't understand i'm saving with transparency and its saving it with a black background.
  • I made a mistake i submitted the png with a background. Please delete this thanks -firefall
  • colored background are not allowed in this contest, you can resubmit with white background.
  • Dear CH, Please check out #124 and #125. These logos look professional, classy and at the same time modern. No cheesy icons and fonts. I decided to put the "realty brokerage" sign, so the icon itself will be more memorable and the logotype will have a trustful look in general. If you need any adjustments let me know. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, words "The & Company" was removed as mentioned. Thanks
  • Excellent Design! Can you please remove the word The & Group use Casal alone with icon.
  • My apology I clicked on the wrong logo for critque
  • Excellent Design! Please remove the words. The & Group
  • Very well done. Can you please just use the word Casal remove The & Group