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Winning design #130 by eximius123, Logo Design for Casal Group Contest
Gold Medal


  • Very creative not our vision. Thank you
  • Great icon. Can you make the design one solid color Orange no gradient. Thank you
  • Great icon design. Can you just use the name Casal alone. Thank you for your work
  • Thank you for your work
  • Very Well thought out. Can you just use the word Casal. Thank you
  • Dear Designers, Thank you very much for the submissions so far. :)
  • Building logo with CCG (Capital Comercial Group)combination regards oniKuro
  • Dear CH, please let me know if you require any changes in the design of the buildings or is the apartment style ok. Thank you.
  • About #30 Clean design, that represents real estate. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, Here are my entries #16 #17 & #18. My logo creation is inspired by tripple "S". Striking,Simple & Strategic.Striking: enough to bring about the maximum message of the brand name.Simple:in form and design must be very clean.Strategic: with foreseeing it to be easy and friendly to use for web,desktop and print.
  • Hello CH, I'm submitting #13, #14, and #15 as my first submissions. They are all variations on the same logo which utilizes a custom made font that incorporates the form of people who make up the "group." Modern and soft. #15 has a tile border reminiscent of olympic swimming pools: Architectural, but familiar and warm.
  • I don't understand i'm saving with transparency and its saving it with a black background.
  • I made a mistake i submitted the png with a background. Please delete this thanks -firefall
  • colored background are not allowed in this contest, you can resubmit with white background.
  • Dear CH, Please check out #124 and #125. These logos look professional, classy and at the same time modern. No cheesy icons and fonts. I decided to put the "realty brokerage" sign, so the icon itself will be more memorable and the logotype will have a trustful look in general. If you need any adjustments let me know. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, words "The & Company" was removed as mentioned. Thanks
  • Excellent Design! Can you please remove the word The & Group use Casal alone with icon.
  • My apology I clicked on the wrong logo for critque
  • Excellent Design! Please remove the words. The & Group
  • Very well done. Can you please just use the word Casal remove The & Group