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Winning design #84 by elenakastrinou, Logo Design for New logo for communication company Contest
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designed by elenakastrinou

Project description

PLEASE READ THE BRIEF THOROUGHLY!! ALL ENTRIES SO FAR DIDN'T EVEN READ ABOUT THE .COM SUFFIX!! is a communication company offering a broad range of services such as web design & hosting, cloud services, Marketing-consultancy, SEO, Multimedia and Print as well as promotional items. The current logo is outdated and doesn't reflect the one-stop communication services we provide to our customers. The new logo will be used both for web and print as well as promotional items. And eventhough the current logo has ".com" as suffix and as part of the logo, it should also be possible to use the logo without the .com extention (or another domain suffix). It would also be great if you can integrate somehow the #e0267a color which is subtly present all over our new website The logo is currently used on a dark background (website) but should also be able to use on a ligth (white) background (e.g. in alternative or negative version). You can see the current logo in the Example files or download it here:

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  • about #29 Dear Paul, #29 is my proposal for the new logo of Zinzara. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards,, Boris.
  • may I ask you about the origins of the name Zinzara? Where it comes from? Thanks
  • Dear CH - could you please let me know if you think i should pursue this idea #10 further. I only joined DC recently, and can only upload 3 times per contest, sofar! TIA, Thomas :)
  • Hey CH can you tell me at least do you like that "Z" form so i can experiment on that,and waht colors do you want? Thank you
  • @Nescafee: sorry but your work is not what I'm looking for. No need to send any further designs
  • still the same comment... I don't like the typography either
  • Sorry, I'm looking for a complete new approach, not variations on the current design
  • The background is weird, the color switch ZINZ & ARA even more... Sorry, I'm looking for something qualitative
  • Hello CH About #7 I liked the old logo because it was simple and clean,so i edited only the "Z" in it. I made it like two Z letters interlaced together,that form kind of optical ilusion and associate something like endless. I hope you like it. If you want some changes feel free to tell me,to make it better. Thank you
  • May I knew what you didnt enjoyed about #5 logo?And what u want to see in your logo.
  • well sory was probably blind and didnt read corectly
  • Im' not too fond of the graphic on the letter "I"
  • @Nescafee: No, sorry, you didn't even get the name right
  • Take a look on #4 does u like ideas?does i am on righ way?
  • It's ZinzarA! please read the brief thoroughly!
  • Hello Quinton, I'm not too fond of the stock market type of arrows and the ".com" isn't included (as stated in the briefing) Kind regards, Paul
  • Any feedback on #1 and #2? Anything that you like to see? Thanks
  • Hello, I've added the Example files in the brief. You can also download the current logo and new web design (in progress) here: Kind Regards, Paul
  • Hello paulbeelaers, In the briefing you mention a enclosed file which i can't find as a download. I would like to see the website you mentioned so i can match the logo with it. Kind regards M.Webworks
  • CKS
    About #49 Hope get your feedback on this entry. Regards. Erick