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Winning design #87 by MamaBCreative, Logo Design for New logo for Phases Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MamaBCreative

Project description

We want a logo for the company - we have changed the name and want something new.

We have chosen Phases because it's a symbol for our company in two ways:

- We change the way a company work, so we move them from a bad phase to a good phase (In the sense that we optimize on the customers IT platform and communication platform with fx Podio and other IT tools.)

- Phases sounds like faces, we like to help companies with their face to the world

// If we like your logo - we are very interested in working more with you afterwards.

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  • this is a simple but creative design which is designed according modern pattern of designs........
  • Dear DHD! Played some with the face, and the emotion. Please give some feedback about my designs. Thanks
  • I formed a "P" on it's side at the bottom to form a satisfied face!
  • Contest Holder, I posted various designs .. Please comment on them for further improvement, Thanks!!!
  • I formed a "P" on it's side at the bottom to form a satisfied face!
  • About #15 Tried to aim for something a bit fresh and sharp. Small mountain peaks above the text indicate overcoming obstacles. Plus I tried to incorporate an appropriate number of faces/edges into the shapes I used. Hope you feel positively about it. Feedback & Suggestions would be great. Thanks
  • Contest holder! Great feedback! Thanks! Will be submitting another design soon:)
  • Please comment on #8 and #10 about improvement. Thank you.
  • DHD
    Its too much about the faces :) - I don't think "cool IT company" when I see this logo. sorry
  • DHD
    Mama: We rated it 30/100. We could not see the idea behind the "circle" and the font wasn't that nice - a bit too "static" if that makes any sense. It's really important that the logo has a european sense as well as it's simple yet cool and modern. Logo's we like could be:, Or take a look at this contest: We like #51, #57 Could be nice to see some ideas with faces like #1 and also some kind of symbol for change in phases, going through phases.. Thanks for all the entries already :)
  • #6 diff. phases like the moon and round with hair as a face. vector/png
  • Thanks for the feedback, I will wait to see more designs come in to pin point what you are looking for. Was it the font of #2 you weren't happy with, or everything overall?
  • DHD
    Sorry, but we don't like the colors.
  • DHD
    We are not so happy about the font. We really like simple and elegant things. Hope it's not too confusing - we really want to see some ideas come through to see if someone hits the spot :).
  • DHD
    We like the cube with the faces on - but the font is totally off.
  • Contest holder, Submitting my first design for Phases, #2. Looking forward to hearing feedback and seeing more entries so that I can better understand what you are looking for. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  • DHD
    Thanks for trying with a business card, not the style we are looking for.
  • DHD
    Can you please try to work with the font? :)
  • DHD
    Nice - do you have ideas for the business card?
  • DHD
    Nice one - can you explain why you did it like this?