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Winning design #204 by grbav, Logo Design for New logo for telecommunications company Contest
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designed by grbav

Project description

Looking for a new logo for the relaunch of our old concept Tele5. Tele5 is a telecommunications company that mainly offer two basic products. 1. Cloud based PBX. A telephone exchange service that can connect all the company's telephones, independently of the customers service provider. 2. IP telephony. We are also a service provider for IP based telephony services with low rates. We want a logo that catches the eye and really gets the customers attention. We want the logo to match the high level of quality that our services provide. It needs to show that we take our services and our customers seriously, at the same time that it's playful and shows that we have self-distance. We want, of course, many different suggestions on themes and layouts. However, we want some suggestions that focus on the “5” in the company’s name. We want to be able to play with the logo so it suits different scenarios. We want to be able to play with the logo later on (in a similar way that Google does during for example holidays). Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to show us both your craziest and your most boring ideas. And please, feel free to ask any question that you might have. Looking forward to many great design suggestions! ADDED ON 2012-12-14 11:20 AM: Other thoughts that could inspire you are different spelling of our company name (telefem/telefive instead of Tele5). Some of you already gave suggestions based on this and I appreciate it. Also, it would be nice to see some ideas with a symbol or a mascot of some sorts. Either a person/animal or that you gave life to the number in the name.

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  • Dear CH, Would be great if you can make this contest blind. Thanks.
  • Mr. Robin, Hello sir,#69 Uploaded another one with different style a kind of fun way. Please check it. Thank You and tell me what do you think about it Regards. saqib ahmad (Kidco)
  • Thank you but this is not in the field of what we are looking for. Please feel free to enter other suggestions.
  • Hello Robin, Thank you for the positive feedback, i will try some sketches thru the weekend and by monday i will have something new to show you. Best regards Elijah
  • Uploaded #65. In my opinion you should check #64 which is actually showing a serious side of your company and similarly the drop at letter "i" is not a show off part its just showing the bright side and respectful manner. Just combine the idea because this is what people are looking now a days a feeling of relaxation and great service. Just What I thought but its up to you to choose the best. Thank You
  • The bird idea is something that I would like that you worked on further, could be something nice. Could you play with it a bit and make it more "alive"? Dont like the "5" and the thick line under tough.
  • Same as other comment
  • This cloud looks better and I like it better than the other one. Still lack of wow factor though.
  • Like that you played with the F and 5 together. But not appealing to me unfortunately.
  • To complicated and not what we are looking for. Feel free to enter other ideas.
  • This is not modern enough and unfortunately not appealing to me.
  • Basically same comments as the similar design.
  • Looks basically good but the globe above reminds me to much of other companies. The font is not optimal either.
  • Thank you for the feedback sir. sure Let me do it.
  • Not really what we are looking for, feel free to enter other drafts.
  • Not exactly what we are looking for, don't look modern enough. The telephone symbol is a bit boring and the colors dont appeal to me.
  • Hi, I actually like it. The font and the character are innovative and nice. However, could you make the "robot" look a little more friendly?
  • Dear sir, #62 is my entry please check a totally new side your business. Original design specially made for your company. any feedback much appereciated! Thank You sincerely, Saqib Ahmed (kidco)
  • deblanche: Thank you, looking forward to your further suggestions.
  • Regards #48 It's a common number so It might be similar ones out there. If you enjoy the design with the simple number I'll swing something more together, and I'll add a mascot as well.