New Logo for Upstate New York Wine and Spirits Co.

This was an excellent experience. We received 140 different logo submissions, which was a great surprise. There were a lot of very creative designs to choose from. The designers were very professional and receptive to our ideas and feedback. I highly recommend and would certainly use it again!

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Winning design #132 by soulnathan, Logo Design for New Logo for Upstate New York Wine and Spirits Co. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by soulnathan

Project description

We are looking for a new logo to provide a clean, elegant, sophisticated look. Upstate New York is a location, but we feel it is also a lifestyle. We want to blend our business of fine wine and spirits with the lifestyle of our clientele. Our store is located just minutes from Albany, NY - the Capitol of the state. You can head north to the famed Adirondack Mountains, home of 689 lakes and ponds, including Saran ac Lake and Lake George. The Green Mountains and The Berkshires are the ranges to the East, in Vermont and Massachusetts. Just south, lie the Catskill Mountains. As one can guess, the outdoors plays a big part in the life of 'Upstaters'. Think hiking, camping , fishing, hunting, canoeing, skiing, snowshoeing, and just about any other outdoor activity, but most important- relaxing. For those that don't live here, Upstate NY is a vacation destination, an escape- a place to relax. One slogan that we really like is: "Get in an Upstate of Mind"

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  • #3 classic design concept
  • Clean and Smooth!
  • That´s a classic concept...elegant fonts according to your core business... Any comments or changes, please let me know best regards Paulo
  • for #51 Hi I was wondering if you can give me some feedback on my design about what's working and what's not working or if it's not working at all. thanks
  • #50 I´ve done a classic option with some wine elements... I hope you enjoy... Any comments or changes, please, let me know... best regards Paulo Design
  • #34 without the design on the mountains would be a leader.
  • The Albany Skyline With Bottles as the Towers would be a neat design.
  • #37 is very good. Maybe if it was Albany's skyline...and mountains in the background? Also a different font would be preferred.
  • A color option for #1 would be great! Thanks paulodesign!
  • About #45, #46 It's a hammock. I tried to focus on the relaxation aspect of your location. Thanks.
  • option of design #1 including the mountain... best regards Paulo
  • Hi CH: Here is my first entry. I tried to keep it modern and sophisticated while bringing in the green and blue for the nature elements. Hope I am going in the right direction. Please let me know what I can improve on. TY.
  • Design #18 this is an colour option from design #3 as you asked for... Any changes, please let me you want some color option for design #1 too???or is it ok???
  • Its against the rules to use a colored background for this contest.
  • Dear CH, #6 and #7 is a copy of existing logos and clipart. They already exist. For this reason they were removed. Sorry for any inconvenience. /Moderator
  • #15 Revisions as requested. Kind of dull?
  • #6 and #7 were nice, where did they go?
  • Mountains, anyone? Would love to see some samples with mountains.
  • Too Casual, looking for more elegant feel
  • The U could be part of the word Upstate?