New Logo for Volleyball club in Switzerland

Thanks, I think, we have all we wanted. Well, the greyscale is not there, but that's something, which can be done easily. So, fine for me. Can we get any contect, in case we want to contact you again for the logo? Or do I need to go through this webpage? Thanks for the work! I hope the payment works as it should. Oliver


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Project description

The project is to create a new logo for our sports club:
- preferably in 3 variations: full color (for the webpage), 2 colors (for the tricots) , and b&w (for T-Shirts and bottles and so on)
- the european style for sports club logos ist rather different from the US-style I think. It's not that pompous, rather simple and clear.
- the logo should decently show Volleyball items like a ball (new official Volleyball as or a net, it should be quite obviously a volleyball club logo (Hall Volleyball and Beachvolley: Leave it open we have both)
- it should include the writings VBCV , VBC Volketswil , or Volleyball Club Volketswil
- it could as well show our URL: oder just
- colors to choose are either the blue and yellow from the new official volleyball (as here: , or here: or could be like the colors of our community flag (as shown on the website: in the upper right corner) but you can choose a different color too.
- it should show power, fun and team spirit (if possible)
- maybe a flat 3D look or surprise us.

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  • About #10 Dear contest holder, I hope you like my design, Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks
  • Thank you for the feedback. I wasn't able to get a 'V' to look right in the volleyball. So I have gone in a different direction in this entry.
  • @Ideas4Breakfast: Yes and no. The selected colors are possible colors. I thought the logo could work better with other of those colors. On the other hand I wrote as well that entries with not matching colors are welcome too. We're not set to those. Cheers.
  • Very nice idea. Would like to see some better version s of that. The V doesn't really fit with the slopes and the Volleyball is not easy to recognize. Please continue in this direction.
  • Thank you for the rating. Only a question: what d'you mean with different colors? Do you need to see other colors instead the ones you have choosen in the brief ? Please, let me know ;)
  • as #2
  • Nice idea for a b&w. But a bit simple.
  • Too simple. Thanks
  • Nice fastest first try. Please try with the new official ball and maybe a bit less simple.
  • Actually a nice idea. Please try with other colors, a thinner body and some more elements.
  • We're a club. Feedback ist a hard thing to do. Need to ask the other 50 people first. I will do my best.
  • Please leave a rating feedback. Thank you.
  • Please try with the new official ball.
  • another one #3 and #4
  • Dear CH, I hope you like #1 and #2 Simple and easy to remember. This color is already having its own power to provide spirit for anyone who saw it. Waiting for your comment. Thanks
  • Hi CH, i have submitted another design #69
  • new entry
  • New recoloured version of #35. Hope this is more to your liking. Thanks
  • Very nice. actually not a lot I can say: Maybe you could try to bring the URL in and maybe the balls yellow is a bit losing in the yellow stripe. Perhaps another color like red for the stripe? But then the blue muist be brighter. I don't know if it looks good. A small Volketswil flag maybe?
  • Nicer with the words, yes.