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Winning design #209 by oniKuro, Logo Design for New logo for webshop Contest
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designed by oniKuro

Project description

Based on our competitive prices and reliable service levels, we aim for a dynamic and modern profile that reflects a trustworthy feeling for the online buyer. The logo has to be something unique that makes us easily recognizable. We rely on your experience to suggest us a logo that can reflect this scope.

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  • Here is my entry with another version of folder and pencil tip.Hope you like the idea. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, Here is my revision entry. Adding pencil tip in the folder. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • TO ALL DESIGNERS: First of all thanks a lot for putting so much effort in our cause! I have rated some of the designs that I believe go in the right direction. I would like to undeline I will choose a design most people in my company have a good feeling with, so I am trying to keep options open. I am going for the more clean, modern and effective styles, the ones that I can easily picture on a webshop homepage. Thanks again and keep up the good job!
  • Dear Dixieland, name is "" but unfortunately I had to eliminate your designs, I don't really like that style..
  • Dear CH, 44 th file is in correct size format. Thank you.
  • Dear ch, I had subbimited same desgins for twic The file name VALE is in correct size.
  • Dear Ch, About #41 I try to make it simple, clean and emphasis with v. "V" have shape like a pin. It help customer think about your business. I can change color if you want. I hope you like it. Thanks
  • #40 brushed stroked "V" for Valeda
  • DESIGNERS! Please read the rules on commenting in contests. w/46/6/rules-for-commenting-in-a-contest-page If I see more comments asking for feedback, or just highlighting your entry, infractions will happen and repeat offenders run the risk of a 2 week ban form . Our guidelines are very clear as to what to write and what not to write. You can write a brief description of the entry, answer a CH question or ask the CH a question about the contest only.
  • The office stationery supersupplier
  • I wanted to add depth by showing the back Blades of staple remover and I wanted to also add the English version of Tagline
  • Dear Contest Holder, I'd appreciate a brief written comment about #22 and #23, so to better redirect my focus. Thanks.
  • CONTEST HOLDER, maybe you could show me some styles of fonts you would like?
  • I am going offline now but I will be back! I would like to thank the designers who are participating to my contest, I hope to see some more great ideas!
  • #29: I appreciated you changing the font but this one is not the right one.. Also maybe not that much bigger and a little more distant from the pencils, just as in #21
  • something like #29? - oh and ive noticed that some things gone wrong on the background. It's not meant to be yellow, the final one will be either white, or transparent
  • Do you mean having the writing bigger so it is in-line with the top of the pencil? also how is the font?
  • Uhm.. I wouldn't use the shadow here. Maybe try to make the letters somehow bigger so that they fit better with the pencils
  • okay so i've made a revision #28. but i tried to upload my other font designs.. and it says you need to click "I'd like to see a revision'' in order for me to upload them thanks kennedy577
  • #6 Oh... Really i haven't seen that before. #13 And yes.. It is VNL (ValedaNL). But ye tbh... These pics I've uploaded for this is just **** :)) If i gets time I'll take some more time and make a serious attempt :)