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Winning design #34 by jctoledo, Logo Design for New Logo for Your Local Studio Contest
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designed by jctoledo

Project description

We're a studio that produces video - just video - IN THE STUDIO. (check out our website Our videos are mostly business to business. All videos are uploaded to the web. Our mission is to produce awesome video content for the web that is simple, quick and affordable. ***We'll be using this new logo for our icon in social media, and at the top left of our website.*** Here are some details to consider: Colors - green (examples: #44ee66, #44ee66, #448855, #44ee66) - white - grey - blue (examples: 006699, 336699, 0099CC, 3399CC) We need final file formats: PSD, PNG, JPG The general concept: -simple - light - fun - a creative edge with a practical design - connecting the online world with the physical offline world - we are a place, focus on the “studio” aspect - greatness happens at/comes out of the studio NO: Projectors or "reels" in the design - that's too old fashioned! Thanks. Your Local Studio is place for creative sharing to the world.

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  • Hi, Design 11 is for your consideration. Hope it is close to you. Need feedback please. Thanks Regards...
  • We like that there is a defined icon, however this a "reel" design is too old-fashioned. We're all digital today - no projectors or reels in the studio anymore. The Positives: Simplistic/modern style. Like the color. Feels clean and fresh. Negatives: Don't care for the icon design.
  • Unfortunately this design doesn't meet our design style. If blue is used we prefer it as an accent color. The font is difficult to read. Don't want any red in the design. Thank you.
  • Positives: The colors are correct. We're OK with circles. Negatives: Old feel of the script/font Don't care for the projector image Much too detailed. Thank you for the first try - we appreciate your talent.
  • # 2 shipping, modern design in the union's name with symbol and symbolic of the video image, I welcome your comments thanks
  • What text do you want for logo? Your Local studio by Epic Realm or just Your Local Studio?
    • Hi - our original name was "Epic Realm" and we've spent the last year transitioning away from that - so, this logo would ONLY have Your Local Studio. Thanks for asking! :-)

  • Regarding #64 A place mark manipulated to light bulb which sybolize that its local and involving good ideas and creativity to a give a good image of your studio. The play sign in it symbolize that it regarding media. Its simple, having fun and young energetic, good impression showing creative thoughts. Please give your compliments.
    • We were really intrigued by the idea of the light bulb/play button/pin concept. The style was more child oriented for us - we want to feel cool and digital and modern. Thank you for using your talent - and the conceptual idea of the lightbulb/pin/local was awesome!

  • Hi CH, I have submitted a concept #76. Kindly review it. hope o hear from you. I tried to incorporate the fluidity and interconnection of the thoughts and the visual media.Surprisingly the same is the nature of digital medium.... thanks and regards binkula
    • Thank you for using your talent for the submission - we appreciate it, however the icon won't work for us.

  • I can't submit my design. For some rerason it won't go through.
  • Hello CH, I have a quick question before I begin my entry for you. You requested final formats of PSD, PNG and JPEG, are you allowing the logo design to be created in Photoshop since Illustrator is not required for those formats? -Ryan
  • - concept has promise - prefer green as the main color - accent with grey or other colors - any way the focus could be on "local"? or would that look odd? - like the symmetry
    • Thank you for your feedback. I think the YOUR and LOCAL need to be the same size in this design. Please take a look at 171. Thanks, Ali.

  • - strong - like the "o" - would like to see the "o" as a separate icon also - emphasis on the local is good - like the font
    • Thanks for the great feedback! It was almost too positive :-) for a first entry. But now I've come to my senses and have made some small adjustments that I hope you'll like #170.

    • - thank you - can we see the "o" as a separate icon (also still included in the name) We want to use an icon for social media

  • Dear CH, please feecback about my designs #153 #158
  • Hello,I have submitted #154. let me know your opinion please :)
  • - like the colors - like the shading/style - like the outline of the person - would prefer an icon that's NOT a camera... any other ideas?
    • #150 another idea other than a camera... would like to hear what you think

  • - like the colors - the font is OK, would prefer less "rounded" or bubbly - like the shading a lot
    • #148 Variation on font. Thanks for the comments...

  • Please do not use clipart in logo design, your work must be original and fully created by you; source:,1277657629,4/stock-vector-abstract-colorful-illustration-with-director-chair-filmstrip-film-role-and-black-movie-projector-56347282.jpg
  • Hi CH, Please have a look at my entries #139. Hope you will like it and need you feedback to improve my design. Thanks
  • Hi Lori1! Another entry. #136 .............................................................
  • - interesting icon (like the shading) - like the font - colors are good -
    • Hello lori am glad you like this design, can you rate it please? Do you need anything done on it?!