New Logo Needed for Net Nanny

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Winning design #209 by Joleigh, Logo Design for New Logo Needed for Net Nanny Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Joleigh

Project description

The Net Nanny brand is over twenty years old and is a very strong, but we haven't changed the logo in years. So, we'd like to get some ideas for a potential new logo. Millions of individuals see our Net Nanny logo every year, and as such, your artwork/logo design (if chosen for use) will be seen by a lot of people. For the logo re-design, we'd like to see a lot of different ideas as well as a variety of layouts: - some full logos with the Trademarked term "Net Nanny" embedded with an image - some of just a logo image (no words) - some logos meant for use as icons - anything else you can think of. We would like to keep the colors currently being used. We do want the logo to appeal to parents and would like it to communicate our goal of providing Internet safety for families. To see the logo we are currently using visit our website at

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  • Design featuring a mask. Thank you
  • here is a shield with an umbrella symbolizing the nanny protection, words and icon, in number #34 you can use the icon alone with the letter N!
  • No problem weslhoff2000. :)
  • New revisions completed. Took my concept a little bit further this time, and fixed that typo. My designs are #1 #17 #29 Thanks.
  • Oh man, you're right pollux, good catch. Another fine example of the benefits of peer evaluation. I'll be fixing that in my revisions from here on out.
  • I think you made a typo in your design
  • Hello, I like the idea that the 'Nanny' is not in view, more mysterious.
  • Here is the second version of the logo I promised, I included a logo type with this one to show how I would like to handle type in the logo. All the elements of each design are interchangeable to your likings. Please comment on #1 and #17, and let me know what direction you would like me to take this next. Thanks.
  • Nanny's Brollies create a mask for prying eyes.
  • In this design Nanny's Weaponry make up a Heraldic group. Thank you
  • Hello, I see 'Nanny' conspicuous by her absence, leaving as defence her sword and shield armoury. Thank you.
  • About #2 Hello CH, Here I post an simple idea, need your response. Thanks :)
  • Hello contest holder. This is my first idea of the direction I would like to go with your logo. I still intend to make a alternate version, and hope that you will give me feedback on what I have provided so that my remaining five submissions could be spent working toward something that works specifically for you. Let me know how you feel about this. Thanks!
  • #67 and #68...I have changed the font style.
  • CH, #63 and #64 are my latest revisions. Please let me know of any and all changes you wish to see. Thanks!
  • New design Submitted! How about #61 CH? Any response? Thanks :)
  • new shield and new font, also #56 is the icon alone, hope you like it!
  • About #2 Dear CH, could you more specific about what part else I must revision? Thanks :)
  • Like it. Colors and "clip art"iness make it a little drab though. Try to give it a bit more "punch".
  • Don't like the big red cross out, or the somewhat confusing outline of the Nanny mixed into the NN.