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Winning design #47 by cobalt, Logo Design for New Logo/Branding Contest
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designed by cobalt

Project description

We are in the process of working on a brand new logo + color scheme for our company, Badger VMS. Badger is primarily a software company that has as it’s core function to build integrated software components for the security guard industry (smart phones including iPhone,+Android+Blackberry, tablets including iPad+Xoom+Playbook), and PC’s. This software usually aids security guards by tracking visitors, incident reports, auto emailing reports to managers, and integrates into customer side surveillance systems. The company produces a couple primary products including SMART – the primary software embedded in the devices mentioned above. We need a simple, elegant and modern looking logo in keeping with our primary business. Color schemes are optional and multiple colored versions of a given logo design will HELP TREMENDOUSLY in our decision making process. My last project on Design Contest was for e2 Consulting and the logo as you can see fit all the requirements. The winning developer was “flinkas” The best project I have done to date in the way of deliverables was Mission 122 developed by “josephope”… He delivered a couple PC background design options as well as a PPT background for our preesntations in keeping with our new logo and color scheme. For this project, we need a new logo + PPT background used in Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 preferably. Anything else is a bonus including desktopbackgrounds (1366x768 preferable size)… Remember the general theme’s are based on a software development company providing “solutions” to the security guard industry on the technical side using a mix of hardware (smart phones/tablets/etc.) and customer developed software. The company name “Badger VMS” was only used due to the fact that a Badger has a ferocious reputation for protecting… Anything that encourages that thought process in the logo is a good thing.

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  • The "examples" provided above are the original logo's designed. We are not thrilled with the whole animal image of a Badger. Want something a little more modern driven with the same concepts surrounding the whole "Badger" concept of security. Hope this helps. Please send questions/concerns or request for direction to and I will post answers publicly.
  • hello droberts, here's my concept. I kept the badger idea, I thing it's a powerful design, although I tried to make it look less realistic and scary but yet focus. I did also add a lock for the concept of security.
  • Hi droberts My idea was to move your logo of a badger from threatening to protecting. And to do it in a more minimalist modern way. Hope you like it! Altair
  • Leading designs seem to be #10 by cobalt and #26-28 by flinkas (remove red eyes). Seems to be an overall functional layout with the Badger idea. We want a reasonably clean font on the name component with all caps so far. Font in #7/10/23 are all good. All caps with a reasonably bold type... Hope this helps and thanks to all.
  • Cobalt - thanks and I look forward to the source files to review.
  • Thank you very much for choosing my design, I wanted to reply earlier to your message but once a contest finished, we can't post anymore until a winner is choosen. Anyway, we have 7 days (or basically as long as it needs) to work together to make final edits. I already started to work on the requested modifications. I should be able to upload everything tomorrow. Thanks again. Cobalt.
  • We believe #47 will be the winner but it needs to be texted to say "BADGER VMS" and be a font style like #7 as previously mentioned. The whitewashed/background badger image in the top left corner of the PPT background is a MUST. In the end will need PMS color tones for blue/grey/black, PPT background, desktop background at 1366x768 is a bonus, and the square + horizontal logo options. Multiple color options or variations on logo is a bonus...
  • I think it's my final offer. No red eyes, simple font, capitalization, and strong. Blue to represent the application software and very strong black with white, to link the colors of the badger. The look of the badger at the top of the template is paraenfatizar that the badger is always watching, always watching! hehehehe I hope you enjoy!
  • Hello Contest Holder, I have resubmitted my design on a PPT layout for Badger. Please note that the thin white outline around the whole picture is not part of the graphic, but added by DesignContest around images. Thank you for your consideration!
  • Hello CH! #36 #37 #38 #39 The logos are in a few different colors as desired. Also tried "Software" as you requested. I used the unique stripes from a badgers head to look a bit less like an actual badger. Also the ears help to identify with the animal. I also used a nice shield for your logo do symbolize the whole defense and protection that your company provides. Really hoping you like. #43 Also submitted the logo color scheme and template as requested. Thanks again for the opportunity!
  • Hi Droberts, This is another entry related to #40 (vertical form) and #41 (horizontal form) of the logo. Once again I thank you for the recognition of my good works for your last project as mentioned in your brief. Good luck! josephope
  • FYI to all designers - the overall deliverable of #9 is in keepign with what we need in the end. PMS and color details, PPT base image and logo. Thanks to Thays SN for that. Looks very good. The logo does not necessarily depict what we are looking for but the submission overall is close to what we need in the end.
  • Blue was our primary design color initially. In the end, the company is mostly a software development firm specializing in the security world. I like the yellow/black but my thinking is that it will be too strong of a color scheme for this client. I would go with a version or two of blue combined with grey/black mixes. Hope this helps. I think the font in #32 is better than #33. We also will eventually need a horizontal and vertical (square type) logo version. Good chance the actual company name on the logo will be Badger VMS or just Badger so keep that in mind. I am pretty sure they will not be using the "Visitor Management System" because they have already developed a 2nd piece of software already different from that initial software. VMS may stick but BADGER may end up being it. There is a possibility we will push them to move towards "Badger Software" in the end so give that a try!
  • HI DROberts! What colors you like for use together the badger? Blue is good to represent software. Yellow and black pass secure, caution, beware... i like this combination with yellow and the Black/white of the badger. I can send only one project. If you refine your comments, i can make more one project that you like! bye!
  • Hello, I've just uploaded the last revision. In the .zip file, you'll find : - the .ai and .eps files for the logo (with different variations). - 2 .ai file for PPT background (I wasn't too sure what you were looking for, I hope It was header and footer and not a full background) - 2 .jpg file for desktop background (1366 X 768). If you need any changes, please let me know ...
  • hello again, I checked how powerpoint actually works (I wasn't very familiar with it), so basically an image is needed to be used as background. So In the new .zip you'll find the .ppt and .pptx (old and new powerpoint extension) as requested. I also joined the 4 jpg image (2 different style, 2 different format (800x600, 1024x768) just in case. I also added a .jpg and a .pdf version of the logo as viewable format. the .ai is the original vector format(pretty much the same as the .eps), sometimes people wants the .ai format sometimes the .eps. Let me know if you need anything else , like separate files for the logo ...
  • Cobalt - need the PPT and logo in a viewable format. I am not sure what the .ai is but can I get the logo in a .jpg in addition to the .eps provided? Also, if we can get the PPT in an actual .ppt, that would be awesome... Let me know. Thanks.
  • I'm glad you got everything you wanted. Anyway, if you need any variations or minor modifications, feel free to contact me through designContest and I'll be glad to do it freely. Good luck.
  • Cobalt - thanks so much. Downloaded the logo files this morning and that is exactly what we needed. You did a great job. Much appreciated.
  • I knew I should have uploaded individual files, sorry about the delay then... In the new .zip you'll find individual files of each one of the 12 logo variations in 3 format (.ai, .eps, .jpg).