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Winning design #89 by kuci_inc, Logo Design for New logotype Contest
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designed by kuci_inc

Project description

The sights name is arbetsglä or Arbetsglädje means "work joy" or "joy at work". We also have the name "vidare" that already have a logotype (look in the files) that we had for some years now and who we do like. "Vidare" means wider, going further or forward, conected to what we do its means "development" or taking the next step. We needs a logotype for arbetsglädje / arbetsgladje that: Connects and work beside the "vidare" loggo (look in the files). (one new logotype) OR one new Vidare loggotype beside the new arbetsglädje / arbetsgladje loggo. (two new logotypes). We do like the old Vidare Logotype, but we are open for suggestions. We are redesigning our home page on the same time, its nice if you look at the top scored competitors to see where it should fit. (that contest ends in 3 days)

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  • Is color open? Are we allowed to use whatever color we want?
  • VTX
    What name you want on logo?...Vidare ? Or you want that long name
  • Other fonts is of course welcome to!
  • The font that was used then making the "vidare" logotype is some kind of MetaBold-Italic We do use and like the meta font for a lot of publications, on our present homepage we use verdana font family
  • Like the spliting of color into arbets and glädje makes the separate parts more visible. Could be something... The jumping figur... hm is happy and working... and I don't like it anyway... but god idée God font
  • Like the fought of the jumping man... Just not right anyway... balance? Colors not so happy...
  • It is nice, and well done, but anyway not right. Guess it is still to much "gym" even with the tie. Maybe better to try something else
  • it's not allowed to use colored background unless requested by the contest holder. please read: help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/49/11/what-can-i-not- use-on-my-designs
  • Dear Vidare! Thanks for your feedback. Maybe You like this better than #18 and #8. I was change the colour to your new site design. kind regards,
  • Thanks for the feedback! :) I quess this is a better variant. Looking forward to your reaction again. Grts, Studio Ubique
  • Like the artwork, Interesting new symbol
  • Nice artwork but dont talk to me or Vidare logotype, Vidare logo is one logo, and arbetsglädje logotype is another one. We think that they should be that way. Grate if its 2 logos that could be one... and separated into two then needed...
  • Do like making the arrow to a person... Works with the vidare logo
  • To much child playfulnesses, but nice artwork.
  • Do like the symbol, from old to new and you have made it into a person, simple and connected to old logotype.
  • Did like the Graphics more in #8, more harmony Like the tie to connect to work, arrow... maybe works here
  • See #10
  • We do like the playfulnesses, but this don't work
  • See #10