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Winning design #303 by strdesign, Logo Design for New Look Logo Contest
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designed by strdesign

Project description

The company is iPRessroom and you can visit our website to see the current logo and I uploaded one as well. I am looking at changing the logo. We will be using the logo on the website, events, literature, social sites, and any other company related material or sources. We are the best company at providing customized online newsrooms (news, multimedia, social, press kits, and email) and customer service is unmatched in our industry. We work with all size companies and provide services internationally as well. We also offer other services that are needed by companies and communication professionals, too. NOTE: We appreciate everyone's submissions and have extended the contest so would like the following for any new submissions or revisions. Here are some of the comments I would like to share so that it will help us make a final decision: 1. make sure the "i" has a dot not a square 2. I have heard comments that it would be nice if this could be somewhere betweek the iPhone logo and the ECHO logo 3. The attached Echo logo is to let people see a font that is liked but we have no idea which one it is. Also the orange box at the end helps make it stand out 3. You will need to present your designes or revisions with a black background and a white one because some people cannot visualize how it may look in both scenerios 4. It is preferred the line below the company name be placed under he "essroom" and even with the bottom of the Capital "PR". My assumption though is that inorder to make that work you will need to move the "essroom" up a little to make this work. 5. Please try to spell it correctly iPRessroom 6. the blue and the orange colors (i tried to pick a close one below) seem to be the preferred with the iPR and the darker lettering with the essroom. One comment liked the dot in a different color than the base in the "i" but was not sure that is the best either so I mention this in case you want to play or run with it too Thank you again for your efforts.

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  • Hi there #54 #73 are my concepts. All colors, text size & fonts are editable. if you want to see any adjustments made please let me know? Thanks. A.
  • Hello CH Check #72 and feedback thank you! Regards!
  • please take a look at my note I just added. We have extended the contest because I told that the iPR should stand out or stand alone. I hope that helps a little but feel free to ask me anything additionally
  • your entry is almost a copy of another designers entry
  • Greetings, Please check my entries: #142 #141 #140 #139 #138 #137 #136 #135 #134 #133 they have comunication elements and also technologic elements, combined originaly. Best Regards, Andréia
  • hi CH, I've submit my first work #176, #177, #178 & #179. thanks :)
  • could you make the circle large enough to cover iPR and capitalize the PR. I would assume you will need to make the text below iPRessroom smaller which will be fine Thank you
  • SCH
    Hi CH, Thank you so much for your kind comments. please check on my revisions: #153, #154, #155, #156. i hope you like it :)
  • SCH
    Hi CH, Thank you so much for your kind comments. please check on my revisions: #153, #154, #155, #156. i hope you like it :)
  • Dear dannyok thanks for your feedback i made the changes like you request. See my entries #147 and #148 with different placements of tagline Any other changes please request
  • could you please redo with the PR capitalized and the iPR and circle is in blue Thanks
  • can you redo with the iPR in a different color. Not sure if it is better to leave color and make rest black or make the iPR black... Thanks
  • Can you please redo with the PR capitalized Thanks
  • can you please redo with just the iPR in blue? thanks
  • can you redo with just the PR capitalized Thanks
  • dannyok, here is my revision of #51.. output=#169 1. circle large enough to cover iPR and capitalize the PR 2. text below iPRessroom smaller Best regards, alvinnavarra
  • Dear CH please see #218. Please neglect #217 it is uploaded by mistake. Sorry for that. Best Regards
  • Your entry is too much like another designers idea/concept
  • SCH
    Hi Ch, Thank you so much for your comments, please take a look at my revisions & variations from #227 to #242 I hope you like it :) Thank you
  • Hi there. If a design is scored 100/100 then it tells designers that particular entry cannot be beaten or improved upon but i see you are still suggesting alterations and improvements to various designs? Is this contest still open? many thanks. A