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Winning design #84 by WoAdek, Logo Design for New Orleans Live Crawfish & Seafood Contest
Gold Medal

designed by WoAdek

Project description

Need a logo for a Cajun seafood restaurant in the DC area. 

Here are all my requirements: 
1) A round shape logo
2) Need a hand drawing of a happy crawfish. I like the designer to draw it and to be creative. 
3) "New Orleans" and "Live Crawfish & Seafood" need to be in the logo. 
4) The logo needs to use yellow, purple and red.
5) The logo size should be in a 5 feet by 5 feet.
6) I will need the logo in illustrator, PSD, JPG, and PNG format. 
Here are some ideas: 
3) Please see "What do I like section" for some examples. 

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  • About #84, @WoAdek
    Anyway, I WILL pick this one as the final winner.
  • About #84, @WoAdek
    How do I pick you as a winner?
  • My designs are 100% original and vector
    So please feel free to propose any changes
    I'll be glad to service you until be satisfied with the design
    Regards :)
    • @ArtRakane yep, mine were 100% original and vector from the first design I entered and mine were eliminated without and feedback whatsoever. he is giving tons of feedback to WoADek so I wouldn't put any money down betting against that designer in this contest. Looks like the Ch has already decided who he is going with. Hopefully the Ch doesn't stiff that designer at the end.

    • @ArtRakane Thank you for the reply. I agree with you that the CH has the final say. My issue was how this CH and several others tend to gravitate to some designers and like in this instance don't even bother to give feedback to them like myself. I am definitely not saddened when I am faced with someone not liking my designs or if my designs are not what they are looking for. I guess that you could say I am new here but I have been on this site for four years now so I am not completely a novice. I appreciate your advice though. Again, thanks and best of luck to you as well

    • @ArtRakane FYI, I just noticed that the CH posted that he is going to use entry 74 as the winning entry but told the designer that he would only win if he uploaded a 5'x5' vector so it could be scalable. The admin has gotten onto the CH for this as well as informed the designer not to upload anything other than preview files. I did as you suggested and created a logo with all of the same elements of the leading design just like the other but was not surprised when the CH had rated other designs and left mine unrated so I promptly withdrew all of my remaining designs. Even with three days left if the Ch is going to be asking for final working files and already declare a winning design then all I would be doing by continuing to submit entries is giving the CH more ideas for future work without any compensation. Best of luck to you. keep up the great design work.

    • @johnmichaeldesigns just ignore it..and keep going to participate in other contests.. And keep that crawfish in your archive Maybe someday you'll meet who will appreciate your great work Wish yo the best of luck See you in other contests ;)

  • About #74, @WoAdek

    OK, This is good!!!
    Can you show a 5 feet by 5 feet logo. I want to make it scaleable.

    • @jackyu_it just FYI, if the file is in vector format, it will be scalable to any size. It is the JPEG, PNG, TIFF files that are raster images that pixelate when you scale them up. The contest process is meant to create and collaborate on a finished design between the contest holders and the designers. You are basically just looking for a concept prior to awarding the contest to a winner. If the winning designer can not fulfill the file requirements after winning the contest then that is the designers problem.

  • hi .please find the attachment. and please give me feedback .
    thanks #86
  • Hello .haw are you. i hop all are good .please find the attachment
    Thanks you #85
  • Best of luck to you. I guess the CH just doesn't like my style lol. Hopefully the CH actually pays out when he decides on a winner. It's not worth wasting my time on this one. Seems like the CH already knows who is going to win. Hopefully I removed my designs before he took any screens hots of them. #59
  • I don't like the red eye, please us a black eye. #73
  • I don't like the red eye, please us a black eye. #73
  • same as the last design but without the gradient on the new Orleans typography #72
  • I know this design doesn't go along the theme of the circle but it is in the same format as the logo design that you like from the chasing tails website from your brief #71
  • the only change with this design is the secondary type is changed to the same yellow as specified in the brief #70
  • this design has the same adjustments as the previous one but the new Orleans type is outlined and shaded with the same primary red of the crawfish #69
  • This design is updated with the actual purple and yellow hues that you specified in your brief and I switched the shading on the new Orleans type to a more saturated purple #68
  • Make the eye look similar to the eye in #62
  • Use the font in #53, and make them bold. #62
  • Go back to the original font or similar font. #62
  • Can you switch to a similar font style like beofre and make it fat? #62
  • Change the black border on the crawfish to a different red shade. #53
  • Can you you make Live Crawfish & Seafood look more "FAT" #53