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Winning design #198 by art83, Logo Design for New Samsung community contest logo Contest
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designed by art83

Project description

What would you design? Rumor has it that Samsung corporation is to redesign its logo by 2013. Apparently the current logo is not associating with an image of the company that operates globally. Supposedly, the new corporate identity will be presented in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new logo should be a part of a new strategy applied by Samsung involving the campaign that will promote a lifestyle to its users along with the products. Something similar to what Nike did with “Just do it”. Until that time, we dare you to submit your entries with ideas for a new Samsung logo. This contest is not held by Samsung, it’s strictly our initiative. You are competing for rating points, medals (money), and most importantly prestige! We expect original logos in a vector format in which you will venture to create impressive designs to correspond with the grandeur of the brand. It is said that the new logo will be developed by celebrated Scott Bedbury, who had previously worked with such big shots as Nike and Starbucks. Are you good enough to vie with the best? This is a community contest, not associated with Samsung in any way. We want to stress your winning logo will not be used in any way by the company Samsung. We want to see what "our" talented designers will create for this company. We have done this type of community contests several times with huge success from our talented group of designers. You can comment on other designers entries in a community contest, give feedback to each other as well. Please be original with NO use of clipart or existing designs, be original and have fun! We will have 3 paid winners gold $175.00 silver $100.00 bronze $ 50.00 Good luck to all and we can't wait to view your creativie ideas for the Samsung company

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  • So what do you think of #3 ? Good luck everybody, and show off your logo designing "skillz" ;)
  • Hi Ch, Give Feedback on #2.. If you want any change in this ..just tell me... Thanks
  • There's a reason my design is #1. Haha Just kidding , Good Luck All :)
  • Babba I am leaving this to you designers. Do a little research on Samsung, read up on why they feel they need to change the company logo. Any guidance would just be my own personal taste and we don't want that with this contest :D Samsung has quite a bit of history maybe find out how or why they used the existing logo to begin with, most of the time there is a story behind the original logo. There is quite a bit of internet news and articles about samsung right now I know this isn't much help to you but with a for fun type contest like this, we want this to be as open with few limits as we can get to see what you guys can do and if one of your designs will be better than this new one that will be revealed early 2013! I just don't want to see a bunch of safeway looking or sony kind of designs : )
  • Sharie, what would be your criteria for the logo? Give us some directions:).
  • Hi there! great work so far : ) I will mark all entries 30 points so NO ONE will run out of entries. About feedback.......... Feedback will not be for each entry as this is a for fun community contest, however I will give generalized feedback. I am seeing several entries that are kinda looking like safeway logo or variant of the sfeway logo. It is very important to make sure your entry doesn't infringe on any existing company or other designer. This is a for fun community contest and you are allowed to comment to each other and other's entries in this contest only. Good luck to all and have fun!
  • Dear CH, This is Faizur Rahman . . . I submitted two designs for you #100 & #103 . . . And i need your comments plsssssss . . . Thanking You . . .
  • Dear CH, #86 is the same concept but 'A' has no its little line. Please, pay attention to this variant. Thank you.
  • #85 this is what i think their new logo should look like keeping the well know shapes of the current samsung logo feedback is welcomed
  • Dear CH, also check #84, please. It's the same concept in inversion with gradient.
  • Hello! Please, take a look at #82. There is typographical concept. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, also #81.. Thank you so much.. Regards.
  • Dear CH, Please review #76..and try to have some feedback..thank you so much.. I hope it's likable for your taste.. Regards
  • Dear CH, Can you give me opinion for Submitions #69 and #70? I hope you like it. Thanks
  • I think you got it wrong, fellow designers... It is NOT (as I understand it) a NEW BRAND LOGO but a COMMUNITY logo we're trying to create here... Think about that! Good luck!
  • What would be your objectives for the rating of the new Samsung logo? Do you have any idea?
  • Dear CH can you make this contest blind? thank you
  • Hi CH, I have attached two designs,are welcome if any feedbacks,thanks. Regards, Arthwork
  • it's not allowed to use clip-art, third party images in logo contests. copied design found here:
  • Dear CH, #19 is a different look at the same concept as my first design, #18.... thanks, DM