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Winning design #395 by JonG303, Logo Design for New Sustainability Website Needs a Sleek Logo to Match! Contest
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designed by JonG303

Project description

TOTHECUBE isn't a "green" company in the traditional sense. We believe that "green" is the future and so we assume it as part of our mandate. Therefore, we want to avoid a logo that appears greenwashed or overdone like the many others out there. Of course we would like the designers to take the name of our company "TOTHECUBE" and run with it.

WE PREFER; 1. Pictorial Mark and 2. Emblem Designs

We are open to many conceptualizations of this name and we hope to see a wide variety of solutions for our logo. It might be wise to start with a cube design that is impact full and colorful and has the name of the company. Our site is going to be quite simple and colorless and so we want the logo to stand out. We will not be very interested in overdone designs and are more attracted to simplicity, minimalism, and sleekness (as part of our mission to express efficiency, density, and "thinking to the cube" AKA conceptualizing ones space in the world "the cube" and thinking of how to live within it more efficiently).

Again, focussing on expressing the mission of the company through the logo, using simplicity, color, and non-greenvomitting will increase the competitiveness of your entries.


NOVEMBER 17th****A NOTE TO ALL OF THE DESIGNERS THAT SAW THE FIRST BRIEF: We would like you to ignore the tag lines from now on. Please only focus on the name of the company "TOTHECUBE" and leave out the phrases "think to the cube" and "think inside the cube". These are the word restructures that we want to see:



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  • I submit two options logo, #5 #6, basead in the cube form.
  • Getting there...need one cube only. Please submit revision. Thank you
  • Dear TTC Considering changes to the brief, I made this new proposal which I think is more focused on what you want. I set the option to scale to notice readability.
  • Dear CH: I leave you this with less words and the same concept of #17.
  • please no words as it needs to be used for a mobile app
  • Like cubes, not words. needs to be positioned for mobile apps
  • too much emphasis on words
  • needs to be more for a mobile app. pls refer to mandate, thx
  • no words, more in line for mobile app pls
  • Like cube, but pls refer to mandate. no words pls, thx
  • Too busy with words, please refer to mandate. thx
  • need more of an icon situation for mobile pls.
  • Like icon, not the script. please refer to mandate. thx
  • Please refer to updated mandate. too much writing.
  • Need more of an app like icon for smaller screens
  • Cool but the background we use is white. Please review mandate.
  • Please refer to comments made on number 13.
  • Like image, not wording. does not work for mobile apps.
  • Too much script, interesting image. Please refer to updated mandate.
  • Would like more of an 'icon' approach. Too "lettery'