New TAXI co. looking for logo for 'Acab' or 'iCAB' in a vacation town thats not palm trees and beachy stuff.

The logo i wanted, thanks

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While we want to appeal to the sun loving fun seekers we also want to peal to the local business. Most taxi services here have beachy names or palm trees in the logo...I want to stand out from that! The last 4 of the phone number for the company is "2020" thats how I thought of the name "iCAB'....crazy idea?...maybe..That's why I need your help. I've saved for years to start this and this is a big moment for my son and I.

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  • Please read through our knowledgebase, we allow one design per entry
  • Thought you may like to see a b/w version for cab decals an such. Will look great on a colored background. Appreciate any feedback you have!
  • Just an idea: What if you offered a service of letting customers listen to their personal music devices during the ride? Simple hook up of a headphone jack to the radio (which most cars have now anyways) Just a thought, something you could promote and catch an edge above the competition. Note to admins: Has nothing to do with entries/contest :)
  • Perhaps it was to beachy?
  • Hey guys, could you please remove my first entry... posted the wrong size... Sorry ;)
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  • Sure for a better idea of the setting google Destin, Florida.
  • Thanks. Also, are you able to tell us the name of the town?
  • Just a number 837-2020. I have an example but it's in the wrong format to post.
  • Hi, Do you have a telephone number or slogan to use on the logo?
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have uploaded my first design for the contest. Hope to get some positive remarks. Thanks and regards.
  • Hey, i just uploaded #164 feedback?
  • Its against the rules to use a flat or gradient background.
  • You cannot use any background color unless CH asks. I wont give you any infraction this time.
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  • can u play with "A" a bit?
  • mwm
    Hi. I just posted #144, #145, #146. Same design with different color settings. Do you have any speciel requests to colors in your logo, Im taking in consideration that is will be displayed on a dark tinted window. But pls let me know if you have any further whishes to the design. Kindest regards.. Mwm
  • i uploaded this new simpler design so it can be used on a larger number of plz
  • hello. I've submitted same design again - it looks better in png format, than in jpg (like 142).
  • Hi I have submitted #138 and #139. Please look over it. Thanx.