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Winning design #221 by YPS, Logo Design for New Upstream Venture Contest
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designed by YPS

Project description

Hi creative world, we need your help to design a logo for a new upstream oil & gas company. Who we are: We are a start-up company, named ‘Oak Petroleum’, that pursues the rejuvenation of small oil & gas fields in onshore Western Europe. We will initially focus on the Netherlands and Germany. We are an upstream company that drills wells, installs oil & gas treatment facilities, produces and sells the hydrocarbons to the market, not to the public/consumers. We are a business-to-business enterprise. What we want The goal of this project/contest is to design a company logo. Technical requirements • The logo must be simple, businesslike, distinctive and memorable and must be representative for the corporate identity i.e. communicate reliability, integrity and quality. Note that the Oak tree is a symbol for (renewed) strength, endurance and courage. Good examples are the logo’s of Audi, Statoil, Mercedes, Shell. • The logo should consist of a graphical emblem/element in combination with the company name ‘Oak Petroleum’ • The logo must be designed and formatted such that it can be used for the corporate style, business cards, website, presentations, advertisements etc. • Logo should be vector based, no raster, in PDF, AI, EPS and SVG format Please don’t be constrained too much and surprise us!

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  • Hi there. My entry is #4. Clean and simple graphic elements within the writing, elegant type, green/gray color. Feedbakc appreciated. Thanks, Andrei
    • Thanks Aandrei, nice design , matches our envisaged corporate identity..classic distinctive and businesslike.. Maybe limit the number of 'design elements' to a single maybe no design oil droplet like to see some more variations of the Oak leaf design element, the fonts, relative position of company name to design element , and maybe try no ALLCAPS.. thanks

    • thanks for the rating and feedback. I will prepare some versions of it, there is plenty of time left.. Regards Andrei

    • Hi Mark I played a bit with the initial submission. Pleaase have a look at #26, #27, #28 and #29. thanks Andrei

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      aandrei_24 {*wrote*}:
      Hi Mark I played a bit with the initial submission. Pleaase have a look at #26, #27, #28 and #29. thanks Andrei
      |--| Hi Andrei Thanks for this..The graphic element (Oak Leaf or Tree) does not necessarily need to be integrated with one of the (text) letters..It may also be stand-alone, that possibly may look 'more quite' for the eye..

    • I will go to that direction. I think i misunderstood from your brief....

  • Hello! Just submitted #9, I tried to keep it clean and basic with simple colors and font, as always feedback is appreciated!
    • Thanks..the graphic element looks too 'busy'...just the Oak leaf is OK..would like to see more variation in graphic element, font , colors ..

  • Looks nice, but not for a serious business like the oil playfull and does not really fits our envisaged corporate identity Thanks
  • Thanks for your entries An artist impression of the leaf of the common Oak (the one with rounded lobes) may also be a good concept logo..
  • Thanks to rate my design. I tried to do all the best
  • Hello again! Just did some revamping on my original design, changed the color scheme to more natural based colors, the font and changed the emblem to a simple oak leaf. #30 Thank you for your feedback and rating, looking forward to hearing what you think of this design!
  • Hi Marc, I just uploaded my design to the board as #21 and I wanted to share with you some small thoughts about the final logo. I see the oak tree as a powerful and wise tree, one that is full of experience in life. Though the oak leaf was the initial idea in the brief, I choose to focus more on the 'wise' and strong aspects I think are linked to an oak tree. The design is a colorful and powerful logo which shows abstractly the tree life rings. Tree life rings show the age of the tree and hereby her strength, which may also be present in your venture. The colors are light but strong (orange representing the Dutch roots), of course these can still be changed. Good luck with the plans and if there are any adjustments or questions, please let me know. Gr
    • Hi tf, Thanks for your creative may want to try a couple of variations e.g. in the #21 graphic element is very dominant compared to the company name, maybe try a more condensed graphic element, and some (natural) colour variations..Rgds

  • Sach, thanks for your entry..try to simplify the logo.. have a look at my general comments
  • Hi Creatives, Thanks for your submissions so far.. May I make the following comments: make sure that your design matches our envisaged corporate identity..classic, distinctive and businesslike.Have another read of the design brief. Also limit the number of 'graphic elements' to a single one..forget about the oil droplet or flame but focus on the (common) Oak Leaf or Tree Note that the company name must be readable with slightly more emphasis on 'Oak' than on 'Petroleum'.. I am looking forward to the submissions that take the above comment into account...Regards
  • Hi Finestroke, Thanks for submission..very original design.. You may want to show some variations on the graphical element and colors.. in one of my comments I indicated that we are not so much looking for a flame or oil droplet but rather see the design focus on a (common) Oak Leaf or Tree..
    • Thanks for the feedback and direction Marc. Let me explore the oak concept and present you some ideas later. Best regards!

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      marc14peters {*wrote*}:
      Hi Finestroke, Thanks for submission..very original design.. You may want to show some variations on the graphical element and colors.. in one of my comments I indicated that we are not so much looking for a flame or oil droplet but rather see the design focus on a (common) Oak Leaf or Tree..
      |--| Dear CH, Pls check my new design concept entry #46. I hope you like it. Thank you!

  • Hi Marc I placed the symbol outside the text. I also worked on color and font. Introduced the oak chestnut (hope it is its name)... Please check #38, #39 #40 and #41 thanks Andrei
  • Thanks...looks to playfull, does not look like an (common) Oak tree (Wide branches, trunk and wide roots that are almost an mirror image of the branches) or Oak leaf (4-5 rounded lobes) at all....
  • Hi Loa, Thanks for this.. may I suggest to read the comments made sofar....The graphical element makes it difficult to read the 1st part of the name of the company i.e. 'Oak'. The fonts and colors should also put more emphasis on 'Oak' than on 'Petroleum'.. Rgds
  • Hi Icon, Thanks for your submission...may I suggest to go through the oil droplet, no flame.. Rgds
  • Musaver Thanks for your submissions..#32 is a very original design..maybe show some more variations e.g. without the oil droplet, maybe show the leaf nerves (very subtle), play with the font... Rgds
  • excellent design but not suitable for the corporate identity of our company...please refer to design brief and comments.. Rgds
    • Hi CH, Thanks again for the direction. Pls check my new entry #97. I hope you like it. Thanks!

  • Andrei we love the #61 simplicity of the Oak leaf .. could you try this with the tree as well? although that maybe more difficult Rgds
    • Hi I made the tree in the style of that leaf, see #75 and #74. This is what you wanted or it is too simple? Thanks Andrei

  • The top of the leaf appears a bit disrupted.. We like the word 'Oak' to stand out more from 'Petroleum' through font, size, color or position..
    • Hi #71 and #72 are improved version of this. Sorry for the leaf, i uploaded a wrong file (wasnt finished). Cheers Andrei

  • ANdrei, You are really on the right track, we love the simplicity of the Oak leaf....maybe a few iterations with the graphical element placed and the left-hand side..
    • Hi I played a bit regarding color and position / layout on this. See #70 and #73. Andrei

  • Dear Rajagee, You are definitely on the right track! Place the emphasis more on 'Oak' than on 'Petroleum' through using color, size and/or position Keep it up Rgds
    • Dear CH, Thank you so much for rating & appreciation of my work, i upload new designs as your required changes i hope you like thanks again