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Winning design #221 by YPS, Logo Design for New Upstream Venture Contest
Gold Medal

designed by YPS

Project description

Hi creative world, we need your help to design a logo for a new upstream oil & gas company. Who we are: We are a start-up company, named ‘Oak Petroleum’, that pursues the rejuvenation of small oil & gas fields in onshore Western Europe. We will initially focus on the Netherlands and Germany. We are an upstream company that drills wells, installs oil & gas treatment facilities, produces and sells the hydrocarbons to the market, not to the public/consumers. We are a business-to-business enterprise. What we want The goal of this project/contest is to design a company logo. Technical requirements • The logo must be simple, businesslike, distinctive and memorable and must be representative for the corporate identity i.e. communicate reliability, integrity and quality. Note that the Oak tree is a symbol for (renewed) strength, endurance and courage. Good examples are the logo’s of Audi, Statoil, Mercedes, Shell. • The logo should consist of a graphical emblem/element in combination with the company name ‘Oak Petroleum’ • The logo must be designed and formatted such that it can be used for the corporate style, business cards, website, presentations, advertisements etc. • Logo should be vector based, no raster, in PDF, AI, EPS and SVG format Please don’t be constrained too much and surprise us!

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