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Project description

High end, full spectrum CBD supplements.  These products will relieve stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, inflammation, insomnia, lethargy, and other similar symptoms.  My target market is women aged 30-55.  That said, I will also appeal to natural, earth oriented millennials.

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  • Hi, I combine a Butterfly and Leaves for the logo, the Butterfly is a symbol of new form so it represent for New You, and the Leaves represent for Organics, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #167
  • I have design for you, the drop leaves in center of New You. hope you like it, please give me feedback, thanks. #166
  • Nyo #163
  • I tried to provide several alternative color schemes, hopefully it can be a consideration, thank you #84
  • About #58, @aWandesign
    thank you for the feedback, I will revise it
  • nice youthful font, but I don't want a marijuana leaf. Can you try something else? #65
    • @dina2 thankyou for your feedback Of course I will change marijuana leaf

  • ok. #78
  • Other color schemes.... & just let me know for anything on the better. thx u #77
  • also, could you show me a few other font options? thank you #26
  • I really like your logo the best at this point, nice job. I wonder if you could show some gradiation in the logo like you can see in the reflection on the black example. #26
  • Can I see this in a different color scheme please? #33
  • can you show me some different color schemes? #54
  • can you change the color scheme please? I kind of like the logo but it needs some work #58
  • I like your font and colors but the logo is not quite working for me #67
  • not bad, needs a little more punch and please change the green to something more invigorating. thank you #70
  • please change to enhance "new you", not "organics"
  • please check it and feedback #75
  • please check it and feedback #74
  • please check it and feedback #73