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Winning design #123 by Horizon, Logo Design for Next Best Thing Nanny Services  Contest
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designed by Horizon

Project description

I am a postpartum doula/nanny and starting my own company/agency primarily providing overnight care for families with newborn babies/infants.  I will also be providing daytime help as well if desired. Although many mothers will love to take advantage of this service, it is considered a luxury and is targeted to higher income families. 

I was thinking maybe something with elephants (because they are an animal that practices the "it takes a village to raise a child" theory) or something that expressed the handoff of the child from the mother to the doula. PLEASE feel free to design whatever comes to mind though. Thanks in advance guys!

Update: "Next Best Thing" needs to be together as that is the primary name of the company that is a nanny service.  Also, while I do not have any particular colors in mind, soft colors are preferred over bold ones since it has to do with babies.

The picture I've uploaded below shows two elephants with a calf that I would like to maybe see incorporated. I like the concept of TWO trunks with a calf between the two. :) Original designs are still welcome though. 

Update 2: Now wondering what a logo of me as a genie coming out of a lamp holding a baby would look like? Pic of me below. :)

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  • Congrats! I want you to know that I am sold in this design! I just need to get the colors right. Is there a way you can put several ideas/color pallets together like how artists from #41 #47 #70? #118
    • About #118, @cute05princess

      Sure! But please let me know if the fonts are fine.

    • @Horizon Font are great! :)

  • What if we swapped the colors on the font? "Next" and "Thing" in gray. and "Best" and "nanny services" in blue? Also, can we bold the font. #118
  • Can we bold the font also?
  • We're super close! Can I see this design with the image in gray? Also, I have chosen a darker gray color in the "briefing" that you could try? #117
  • Hello. I am looking to make a decision within the next 5 hours. I like this design with a few changes. Please see the "briefing" page for updates.

    1-Make silhouette similar to the image I've posted.

    2-Change hairdo to a high bun with no bangs.

    3-Change the pink to lavender. The "next" and "thing" to turquoise. "Nanny Services" to gray. (see colors in briefing section).

    Thanks! #84
    • About #84, @cute05princess

      Hi There,
      I have made the changes as requested. I have also show a small variation in col and design #114 and #115 Hope you like it.
      Thanks !

  • hii (: ii hope you like it ! the big elephant is you, & the little one is the baby you'll take care of ^.^ #113
  • Actually, so long as you use the colors lavender, turquoise, and gray, you can play around with them to whatever looks best.

    Also, can you maybe use the font from entry #83 for "Next Best Thing". #84
  • Dear CH, have submitted the logo showing ' caring'. await your feedback. #112
  • MES
    @cute05princess you like also a fairy god mother #111 :)
  • My Firts Design #106
  • Here is my first original sweet concept for your consideration. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes to this design at all. #102
  • Hi,
    Please check it my entry hope you like it.Feedback appreciate it.
    thanks #93
  • Hi,
    Please check it my entry hope you like it.Feedback appreciate it.
    thanks #92
  • Hi,
    Please check it my entry hope you like it.Feedback appreciate it.
    thanks #91
  • Hi there, my entries are #72, #73 (mock up on business card), #74, #75 (mock up on business card). #72 is your original concept with the 'auntie' elephant, but I swapped in a little human baby. #74 is your newer concept of 'your wish is my command' with you coming from the lamp (I love this idea)... I like the elephant too, the concept of the whole herd and the aunties taking care of the young ones is a great idea. Let me know if you like either of these or if you have any further suggestions.

    Kind regards,
  • new design
    this simple logo
    thanks #70
  • please checked it,the selections colors,thanks #69
  • hello,,how about this,thank you #68
  • hi Miss,,you love it,thanks #66
  • I hope you like it.

    thankyou #60