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Project description

I am a postpartum doula/nanny and starting my own company/agency primarily providing overnight care for families with newborn babies/infants.  I will also be providing daytime help as well if desired. Although many mothers will love to take advantage of this service, it is considered a luxury and is targeted to higher income families. 

I was thinking maybe something with elephants (because they are an animal that practices the "it takes a village to raise a child" theory) or something that expressed the handoff of the child from the mother to the doula. PLEASE feel free to design whatever comes to mind though. Thanks in advance guys!

Update: "Next Best Thing" needs to be together as that is the primary name of the company that is a nanny service.  Also, while I do not have any particular colors in mind, soft colors are preferred over bold ones since it has to do with babies.

The picture I've uploaded below shows two elephants with a calf that I would like to maybe see incorporated. I like the concept of TWO trunks with a calf between the two. :) Original designs are still welcome though. 

Update 2: Now wondering what a logo of me as a genie coming out of a lamp holding a baby would look like? Pic of me below. :)

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