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It was great to find. I will be using it going forward. One thing is they need to make inboxes instead of this comment only thing. Need to be easier to communicate w/ the artists.

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Winning design #143 by friendnand, Logo Design for Next Level Marketing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by friendnand

Project description

Dealership promotional marketing company. Needs logo design for DBA. 

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  • can you make the curve in blue and gray? #60
    • About #60, @joshnorton11 hi there. blue & gray? you mean, gradient? we can fix that. thank you

    • @friendnand the primary colors need to blue and gray or black and blue. i like the design just need to see it in those colors

    • @joshnorton11 ok, i'm working on it. thank you

    • @joshnorton11 hi, just submitted the revisions #92, #94, please check. thank you

    • @joshnorton11 hi, please check this mockup for your review #102. hope you like it. thank you

    • @friendnand can you make the logo as an SVG? do you have licenses to the fonts? Reply when you can please

  • SVG format created what it means ?
    • @taufikhidayat Scalable Vector Graphics, Ill also need the font. Do you have license to the font as well?

    • @taufikhidayat you gotta let me know asap. its a requirment that they are SVG

    • @joshnorton11 oh yes, of course , thank you in advance :-)

  • 5 principles of a good logo are:simplicity,memorability,timelessness,versatility,appropriateness #193
  • can you make an SVG version of 183? any chance you have fonts rights? #192
  • i think we are going to go with yours. I would need the logo to be SVG. Please make sure we can get that #187
  • About #184, @taufikhidayat how about just on a sheet of paper. with the same logo as this one.
  • were you able to get this into a format that I could see on a normal background? we really like this one...get back to us asap #155
  • Thank You CH #182
  • Check Sir #180
  • check it.
    thanks #178
  • check it.
    thanks #177
  • About #175, @kaify  please feedback
  • okay I plan to submit .
    Thank you for your input
  • we like this one alot. can you give a few color variations? #165
  • can you show me this on some other backgrounds? #155
  • what abaout this ? #153
  • Please feel free to judge my designs, thank you. #151
  • can you show us different fonts? #138
  • .., #125
  • ., #123