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Winning design #81 by amazing, Logo Design for Nexus Contest
Gold Medal

designed by amazing

Project description

NEXUS: Single's Ministry 26+. Slogan: Jesus is the NEXUS for our lives. Items to consider when developing graphics: WHAT DOES “NEXUS” MEAN? nex-us (noun) · a connection or link associating two or more people or things · a group or series of connected individuals or things · the central and most important point or place · the center or focus of something · an intersection · from Latin, ‘a binding together’ Bible verse Colossians 1:17 New International Version: “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

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  • Hello CH, Here is my design #6 Tell me what you think, I hope you like !
  • #2 - Hello, CH - when I read your brief, the first thing that came to mind for me, was that the word "us" rests inside of "NEXUS." I put emphasis on that in this design to play on that idea of connection/bringing together. Colors were chosen to be gender-neutral but eye-catching. Would like your input on color choice or if there is a limit to the number of colors you'd like to see. Thanks!
  • Hi CH With my designs i tried using another symbol for our Lord, Jesus. Instead of a cross i used the shape of a fish, to spell the word nexus. I made some color variations. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking a look at #48, #49 adn #47. Andrei
  • Your design is on the right track, but we'd like to see bolder, wider fonts with the slogan underneath. Different colors like a royal, louder blue or lime green and brighter orange. Thanks!
    • The cross on the "X" is my concept. I was the first one to introduce this on this contest.

  • This is a really cool design! We'd like to see it with a bold blue and orange or lime green and orange instead of the yellow
    • I'd be happy to change it for you... I appreciate you're reaction on the design...

  • This is great looking design. We'd like to see the Cross in the "X" flipped slightly clockwise, also the font could be more edgy with a bolder blue or lime green.
  • Hi again! We like the changes to this one and the green/orange. However, you changed the font which is what we liked. The "Nexus" font on the original design was good. The font for the slogan underneath the word "Nexus" is what we wanted in a different font.
  • We really like your design, the only issue is with the placement of the cross in the U. We like to see a different variation.
  • Hello, we really like this design but would like to see the following: - Less generic looking font for the slogan portion - We like the blue, but we'd like to lose the yellow and try the blue with an orange, also try a lime green and orange Thanks!
  • Hello, we like this design but would like to see the following: Less generic looking fonts No squiggly line in the X, it can stand out without the curve Different colors like a royal blue or lime green and orange Thanks!
  • Hi contest holder, please see my design #83. What I did was I incorporated the cross in the middle to symbolize that Jesus is in the center of the group, then I used the negative space to represent people and that the cross is what is connecting the people in the group. Hope you like my design, thanks!
  • This is almost spot on, but the font for the wording "Jesus is the ...for our lives" is just too generic. We need a more modern looking font not a Times or Arial looking font.
  • We like this design but we'd like to eliminate the orange and use the blue there. Also we'd like to see the "X" in one shade of green, not two.
    • hello contest holder. :) i have changed the modifications you want >> #66 i try to change also the font of the slogan,it look modern and has nice curves hope you like --thank you

  • hello contest holder. :) i have changed the modifications you want >> #66 i try to change also the font of the slogan,it look modern and has nice curves hope you like --thank you
  • This design captures exactly what we're looking for. We'd like to see two things please: 1) could you use an edgier font for the Jesus is the...for our lives. 2) use a black background in addition to the white
  • We have selected your design and we need to make a couple of adjustments. We would the "x" to be just a little smaller. No much smaller, only a little. Also we'd like to see the design in blue and green and one in all green. Similar to a lime green. Thanks!
  • This is nice but we do not like the blue and yellow on the brown background. We'd prefer to see the blue and green on a black back ground. Also the "u" resembles a "v" so that needs adjusting.
    • Thank you for he feedback. I just uploaded #134 . please let me know if it needs more adjustment. [ And I changed the cross direction in #136 ]edit

  • Hi CH, some rating or elimination of designs in your contest would be great, like this we can understand what you are looking for and how close we are too, in the name of all designers, thank you!
  • This has an error: Jesus (space) is...