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Winning design #28 by GAKA, Logo Design for Innovation platform in US Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

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  • hiiii, ok, you won. lets go now
  • ah yes.. and we'll need the base file.. what is that, PSD (Photoshop)?
  • can you still make some adjustments? 1) fridolin should be walking down instead of left 2) the hand holding the globe is too big.. try to take hand of second placed youlistina, which seems to circle the globe on the finger tip like a basket ball 3) add ".ch", the domain as a variant of the logo... then we'll need jpd and eps (vector graphics) with sofficiently high resolution and description of colour s as well as black white version. do you have an email adrdress? mine is
  • ok, looks like we have a majority for your logo!
  • ok, looks like we have a majority for your logo!
  • ok, looks like we have a majority for your logo!
  • thx... i'll have this also voted by the management and the steering board now and will get back to you once this is done (you'll start in pole position)... kr roberto
  • thanks.. maybe you can make fridolin walk down instead of to the left by mirroring his left foot ?
  • i still don't like the feet ... in our sample logo i think the directions of them is quite correct, and should not be far from the original image... but i'm sure wwe could fix in 1-1
  • great.. we'll have to work on the feet:) try to vertically mirror the left foot of fridolin (on your right).. but you're still in pole...
  • or turn the globe so it sits vertical on his finger?
    • About #14, @rbalmer3
      ok. i'll try to change. thanks

  • looks good.. no 1 now... can you mirror the globe vertically and make fridolin walk "down" by changing the direction of his left (on the picture right) foot..?
  • Mr Pixel tech logo #18
  • thanks! best logo until now i think... i like the red-black globe.. maybe you can mirror fridolin and have him walking between nü and glarus, maybe you can add a tablet to his left hand and maybe you can make theground more fade away as horizon, by adding 2-3 shades of red (no gradient as needs to be easily printable, i.e. few colors)...
    • About #4, @rbalmer3
      ok. i'll try to change. thanks

  • maybe you can also have a go with the top_globe.png attached and use calibri 23 bold