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Winning design #72 by Vmz, Logo Design for Nomad Joe Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vmz

Project description

Creating a company logo for a new company geared at creating products for coffee consonieurs.

About The Company:
All of the launched products will target individuals who are travelers, on-the-go people, ranging from business professionals to laid back travelers.  The one thing these people have in common?  They enjoy making a good cup of coffee along the way. 

About The Target Audience:
These people are the "hipsters" of the coffee industry.  These people may also have brand affinity to brands like: Patagonia, Blue Bottle, REI, Apple, and Trek.

They care a lot about the quality of their coffee.  Here's a glimpse of their normal coffee process: buy whole coffee beans, grind them in a high-end burr grinder, measure the beans on a scale, put in the right water to bean ratio, choose from one of several different brewing methods (pour over, cleaver, aeropress). 

They make 1 cup at a time and are typically not interested in brewing your standard pot of coffee. 

A great example of the type of person who would be interested in my products would be someone who would buy the below type of product:

About the Brand:
Brand should target these people, but also welcome and inspire those wanting to become more of a coffee consonesiur and feel like it is a cool, elite, and luxurious thing to be apart of. It would also be open in order to target those just getting into the industry.

The logo will truly be an extension of the brand and should convey: modern ideas, forward thinking, pushing the envelope, inspiration by simplicity, on-the-move, quality, luxury.

What the Logo May Be:

I would like to see options/ideas for both an image that represents the logo (like Blue Bottle Coffee that sometimes utilizes just the bottle) and just utilizing the company name as the logo (Nomad Joe).

Depending on the selected idea and the medium that the logo is being used in, I could utilize the image alone as a representation, or that combined with the company name.

I like the 'orange' color indicated below as a possible primary or secondary color for the logo but am open to not using it and seeing your ideas.

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