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Boldlife is all one word. We are looking for something modern, clean, edgy and easily identifiable, via the logo. We see a logo that illustrates action, boldness, advancing, overcoming and standing out in a crowd. We'd like the logo to stand on it's own without the text, hence clean and simple. We also would like to include the text "Boldlife Church" with the logo for more formal applications. It would be preferable to us to avoid offshoots of stereotypical religious symbols as they have their place, but not in our logo. We'd like designers to design what they interpret from the letters and word "BOLDLIFE."

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  • Dear CH, any spesific color you'd like to use? thank you
  • Please resubmit your entry with only a single design per upload.
  • Thank you to everyone bringing it in this project. Keep working, we appreciate it.
  • this logo is a surprise for us. what about something bigger with this logo then incorporating the text
  • on the right track, but not certain the logo of the "O" would work stand alone...Maybe the B and the L?
  • like the idea, but felt too much like special olympics
  • no sans,do a redesign on symbol
  • not sure where this is headed
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  • Thank you dann for your submissions. As mountains and birds are to the Northwest United States, so _____________ is to Boldlife Church. Thank you.
  • The concept behind my design is simple. I am a Christian, we need not just to walk through life, we need to run to be bold. As we run, we are carrying on our hands knowledge and flames on our hearts.
  • Dear CH, please check this Entry.I hope you like it.Thanks!
  • Hi CH, I describe boldness in #89 #90 as simple logos in which the "i" stands out and is in front of the other letters. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, The boldess is in the approach to a logo for a church, it could be a logo for a "jeans" company (I know it sounds a bit rough - but you reach your goal with it) it's fresh, clean, easily identifiable, leads the eyes upward, toward an opening space and all that is backed by some "bold" fonts. Thank you.
  • The same logo as #86 but with glossy effect. Colors could be changed also. The idea behind this icon is that: strips represent life (shows aspiration for something new and high), sustainability and dynamic which also made as letters "b" and "l". Thank you
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Dear CH, In support of my entries, the Butterfly means new life, clearness, and easiness. Moreover, the icon incorporates letters B and l. I made this logo for you based on your Brief - it's modern, clean, edgy and has a deep meaning. You said that you don't want to see stereotypical religious symbols such as crosses, stars, hearts, etc. This is it. Thank you.
  • This is cool. try something without the sun rays, what if the I is normal without the hand raise, but the dot is clearly a human representing the bold life.
  • love the font here. Not really confident in the butterfly...
  • we are drawn to this one, but not sure why. How does the symbol indicate bold?