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Winning design #55 by AmirHassani, Logo Design for Nur Institute: Islamic education institute Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AmirHassani

Project description

Logo design for Nur institute. We are looking for themes that denote: 1. Learning 2. Islamic Tradition 3. Enlightenment The purpose of the organization is to promote the seeking of traditional knowledge. Our current logo needs much work.

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  • thank you for this submission. further entries are welcomed.
  • About #2 I like the style, use a similar color scheme like on the website
    • Dear CH, pls check my latest revised barakallah...

  • the font looks still a little informal, perhaps trajan pro, or garamond
    • Thank you again for the feedback, I submitted tow entries both i used trojan pro, and i believe the font does go well with the graphic, both design varies in the way i embedded the text with the graphic. #44 #45 . hope you like them, and Thank you.

    • i like these better, i will show the team

    • Im glad you like them and I hope the team will feel the same way, i submitted another entry, #53 is the same as the one you like just added some touches hope you like it.

  • very nice color, the text font should maybe be a little more formal, and the colors towards the website
    • thanks for encouraging comment, but i don't know why you rate my design such low! i need to know what should i do, keep the way with current concept or change everything?!? thanks again for comment.

  • Sir plz see my new design and give me feedback which type of logo u want. being a muslim i want to work in this contest.
  • Very nice style, can we see something in the website colors and with the title spelled NUR
    • Ok ... Nur as in the Quran. but I write in block letters.

  • this is a little complicated for a institute, maybe something less detailed with website colors
    • I try with the new model and color of the circle and the green dome of the mosque, I hope you like it.

  • very nice design, the name is nur however, and could we see a few more fonts?
  • too much brown it seems
  • very nice colors,
  • nice style, the star design is still a little challenging. perhaps another form
  • About #29 logo is inspired from Arabic calligraphy of word "nur"
  • Hi CH. #26 , #27 and #28 is the other variation of my design. please provide me a feedback. thanks!
  • very cool graphic, and color scheme. love the book and light aspect. the nur part seems a little informal however
    • Once again thank you for the feedback, I'm glad that you like the graphic, here is my other entry #25 , I changed the font on the nur text, Hope this one suits you better. Thank you

  • nice font, the star design however doesn't seem in line with our institute. another style perhaps
  • very nice design, however the color scheme is a bit off
  • The style is a bit too informal for an educational institute
    • Thank you for the feedback, I submitted another design #23 Hope this one is more of what you seeking, Thank you.

  • dear mohsen; finally i complete and upload my design, also i put an arabic logotype. by the way, if you don't mind, could i know where are you from originally?! thanks
  • thanks for the feedback! please check out my new update #20 and #21, please provide me a feedback. thanks!
  • i like this style, very nice. the logo however could use a bit more work on the educational/institutional part